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Launch part of the space shuttle Endeavor for a mission to the space station

The shuttle took off 24 hours late and also this morning the launch was almost postponed again this time due to the weather in Europe, which affected the three emergency landings

Space Shuttle Endeavor before launch
Space Shuttle Endeavor before launch

The launch was almost postponed today as well, although the weather in Florida was not a problem. This time there was concern about low clouds and rain near the three landing sites in Europe. Eventually, the control center ordered the shuttle commander, George Zemke, to prepare the shuttle Endeavor for an emergency landing in Zaragoza, Spain, where the airport had been cleared for an emergency landing in the event of a takeoff failure.

Raise an observation deck

Everyone knows the feeling of spending time in a revolving restaurant on top of a skyscraper. While the space station does not offer a rotating restaurant, it will soon be able to offer astronauts a place to watch the Earth rotate below them. The appearance will be possible thanks to a cupola component that Endeavor is bringing into space together with a Tranquility component. The cupola will be attached to the tip of Tranquility at launch but will be deflected to the Earth-facing portion of Tranquility during the eight-day mission.

Because the cupola will protrude slightly from the station, the astronauts staying inside will be able to gain a 360-degree view. A cupola is a fully pressurized component, meaning that astronauts will not be required to wear spacesuits when working inside it.

In addition to its function as an observation point, the cupola is equipped with a robotic workstation to control the station's main robotic arm and Dexter - a robotic arm that works together with the main arm. The window will be clear enough to be able to take pictures through it with cameras. Not sure if meals will be served there.

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