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Elta Systems will provide the Ministry of Defense with a national visual intelligence center

An order of 22 million dollars has already been received


Elta Systems Ltd., a division and subsidiary of the Aerospace Industry, received an order from the Ministry of Defense for the development and supply of a national center for real-time spatial visual intelligence, also known as a spatial decoding center (SDP). To carry out the initial phase of the project, Alta received an order in the amount of approximately 22 million dollars.

The MRP system will be based on operationally proven components of real-time visual intelligence centers of the EL/S-8994RT (RICent) type, developed at Alta and even offered to various customers around the world.

RICent intelligence centers are designed to produce and provide visual intelligence in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by automatic processing and integration in real time of all images sent from a wide variety of tactical and strategic platforms - ground platforms (stationary and mobile), ships, Airplanes and UAVs and even satellites, which carry a variety of integrated visual intelligence sensors - electro-optical, video cameras, SAR ("radar photography") and radar for tracking and indicating moving targets (GMTI).

The RAF is planned to be a modular system for intelligence, reconnaissance, observation and target identification (ISTAR) which will make effective use of the visual intelligence information, whose availability, coverage area and high accuracy are increasing rapidly and steadily.

The automatic processing in real time shortens the time cycles from the acquisition of the visual image to the distribution of visual and spatial intelligence, in a way that enables compliance with the fast reaction times and the precision necessary for the advanced weapon systems. The MRP will also have the ability to integrate any other types of spatial intelligence.

The order was given to Elta and its subcontractors - Raphael and Ness Technologies - following a demonstration of advanced decoding capabilities and the distribution of intelligence information, using automatic and semi-automatic tools for the discovery, identification and acquisition of targets where the time element is critical.

Elta Systems, whose annual turnover is approaching 700 million dollars and employs about 3000 people, is located in Ashdod. The company operates as an intelligence and defense systems house, based on radar, electronic warfare (EL), communication and information technologies.

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