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SpaceX's futuristic space suit is revealed

The fancy space suit, which looks like it was taken from a science fiction movie, will be used by the astronauts that SpaceX will launch for NASA to the International Space Station, starting next year

Tycoon Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, Revealed Yesterday on his Instagram account the first image of the company's space suit, the details of which have so far been kept confidential. This may be the first official "teaser" of the spacesuit, but as who recognized The website The Verge, the suit in a picture strikingly similar to the one that appeared in unofficial images posted on reddit Last year.

In the photo you can see a black and white suit, with a helmet with a dark face shield, and the United States flag on the shoulder. As is appropriate for an entrepreneur like Elon Musk, who emphasizes flamboyant design in his other ventures as well, such as models Tesla's electric car, the elegant design of the suit looks like it was taken from a science fiction movie.

Musk wrote in the caption of the photo: "It is worth noting that it really works (not a model). It has already been tested at a double vacuum pressure level. It was very difficult to balance aesthetics and usability. It's easier to do each separately."

Musk did not expand beyond that on the characteristics of the suit, but said that more details would be published in the coming days. However, it is already known that the suit is a pressure suit, which means that it is not designed for extravehicular activity ("space walking"), andDesignated To protect astronauts in the emergency of loss of atmospheric pressure inside the spacecraft.

A simulation of the Dragon 2 spacecraft, which SpaceX is developing to launch American astronauts to the International Space Station. Source: SpaceX
A simulation of the Dragon 2 spacecraft, which SpaceX is developing to launch American astronauts to the International Space Station. source: SpaceX.

The suit will be used by the astronauts that SpaceX will fly for NASA to the International Space Station. The astronauts will be launched aboard the Dragon 2 spacecraft, an improved model of the unmanned supply spacecraft that the company has been sending to the space station for several years.

Previously Released that the suit was designed by costume designer Jose Fernandez, founder of "Studio Ironhead", who designed costumes for Hollywood films such as "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Thor" and "Batman v Superman". In an interview Fernandez told the website BLEEP last year that Musk insisted that the suit be stylish, and only after finishing the design did SpaceX make it practical for flight, using a method of reverse engineering.

at the beginning of the year Revealed Another space suit, from Boeing, which also plans to send crews to the space station for NASA, using a manned spacecraft called "Starliner". Boeing's suit, known as "Boeing Blue", is also designed to protect the astronauts in emergency cases of loss of atmospheric pressure in the spacecraft.

Boeing's rival suit. Source: Boeing.
Boeing's rival suit. Source: Boeing.

Both companies Have won In 2014, in a NASA tender for the commercial launch of crews to the International Space Station, in order to restore to the United States the ability to launch astronauts from American soil, an ability it lost in 2011 following the cessation of space shuttle operations. Today, American astronauts are launched aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft. To develop the spacecraft and related technologies, such as space suits, Boeing and SpaceX won a huge amount of 4.2 billion dollars and 2.6 billion dollars, respectively.

If the current schedule is maintained and not delayed as has happened in the past, SpaceX should overtake Boeing in a few months and become the first commercial company in history to launch humans into space. SpaceX plans an unmanned demonstration mission of the Dragon on March 2, 2018, and a first manned mission in May, while Boeing plans an unmanned demonstration mission of the Starliner in June 2018, and a manned mission in August.

Another space suit that is being developed these days is the one that will be used by the astronauts who will be launched on the Orion spacecraft. Orion is being built by NASA (and its contractor Lockheed Martin) with the goal of enabling missions far beyond low-Earth orbit (where the International Space Station is located), to distant destinations such as the Moon or Mars. The space suit of the astronauts who will fly in Orion Is based About The orange pressure suit of the space shuttle pilots, but has undergone an upgrade that will allow it to support spacewalks.

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  1. The jihad in Holit is not only against computers, but against progress, and against the empire.
    Grievous did not choose the analogy for nothing.
    Baron Harkonen and Atreides in his book: If this continues and people like Elon Musk lead the colonization expedition to Mars and people like Bill Gates, Buzzos Jeff, Sergey Brin+Larry Feig, and the owners of Facebook, who are each worth over 70 billion dollars, will definitely be as important to our lives as the governments . We will work in one of their companies, drive in their car, fly into space with their car, they will have money for projects that governments are too weak to carry out. Returning to the imperial period. And speaking of intermediate days, obviously not yet, but in total you pay about 80% taxes: health insurance 5%, national 5%, top tax bracket 50%, VAT 17%, entering and exiting the stock market, selling and buying an apartment, more A little third apartment. And you work until the age of 67, with an average age of 75. That is, the balance of the 50-year pension money that you saved, and say thank you if you have it, the state takes it back to it. Now in the feudal period the vassal took 90% of the property and income.
    Have we made progress?
    The governments will be fictions like the emperor who represents a legal government, his house is carried by his wife Lito Atreides, but he keeps a wife from the side of the jihadists, that is, he is the actual emperor Lito and he does what he wants. This is not mathematics and anyone can think as they wish.

  2. ... Even with this knowledge, it turns out that Elon Musk's space suit has two important features: first, it is not painted a shocking blue (which is Boeing's way of emphasizing the uniqueness of their brand), and second, they first hired a designer to design a "cool" suit and then activated the engineering team theirs to engineer it from a stage accessory to a real space product.

    What is the weight of each of the suits (including the one that will be used in Orion)? Yuk.
    What do their subsystems include? Yuk.
    How convenient are they to manipulate? Yuk.
    How long are their oxygen reserves enough (if any)? Yuk.
    What meteor protection do they include (if any)? Yuk.
    In how much time can they be patched in the case of a woodpecker? Yuk.


  3. I don't see any similarity between our present and the future of "Holit". Even the jihad there had a different purpose and it was a jihad against the thinking machines - computers probably at the level of the calculator and above, with their first principle "Thou shalt not make a machine in the image of the human spirit". Indeed, "Hulit" is completely devoid of computers. "Holit" was published in 1965, it is a wonderful book, but most of its pawns and trailers and other vegetables are worthless (in my opinion), partly because the first book was edited by John W. Campbell, the editor of "Analog" and the true father of the modern MDB.

    If anything, then our present is much more reminiscent of "Space Merchants" by Frederic Paul and Cyril Corneblowt, written ten years earlier (1953). He beautifully describes the period of the empty image, flooded with advertisers, publicists, celebrities and "remarkable" things.

  4. Rushing forward Elon Musk: Tesla, autonomous vehicle, PAYPAL, SPACEX. The future becomes similar as in the Sand Book. Barons (AMAZON, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TESLA) control most areas of life, will influence in the future more than the governments of countries. On the other hand there is global jihad. The same power Atreides ruled he used to conquer the empire.
    Hulit was written at the latest in 1985.
    On the other hand, he has the only practical vision for landing on Mars and settling there. Without him, there is currently no dreamer with his abilities, who is pushing the matter. That's why I support him - not that it matters to anyone.

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