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Compugen and Novartis will collaborate on research in the field of systems biology

Compugen announces a pilot agreement for research collaboration with Novartis in the field of Systems Biology. As part of the agreement, Compugen will develop a unique platform for predicting biological interaction networks on regulatory relationships between genes. For the purpose of the research Compugen will analyze large amounts of DNA chips and other biological information.

As part of the agreement, Novartis will receive exclusivity over the research results, while Compugen will receive rights to use the tools and systems that will be developed as part of the collaboration. In addition, Novartis will pay Compugen a lump sum for the research results.

"We chose Compugen because of their proven capabilities in predicting and modeling biological phenomena, capabilities that produced impressive results in a previous collaboration between the two companies," said Dr. Dalia Cohen, Global Director of the Functional Genomics Division at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Mass. 'vest.

Dr. Mor Amitai, President and CEO of Compugen said, "We are pleased that Novartis has once again chosen Compugen for an advanced research and technology project. We look forward to the opportunity to develop the relationship with Novartis while expanding our systems biology capabilities through collaboration with their scientific team.”

Novartis is among the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. According to the Fortune magazine survey, the company is among the fifty most admired companies in the world and the second in the medical field. Unlike the pharmaceutical giants that expand their research activities through acquisitions, Novartis is unique in that it invests many resources in independent research and development. Novartis' development center is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and operates in close proximity to the most important academic research centers in the USA.

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