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Can aliens discover us? New research explains

What could aliens pick up from the radio leak from Earth? How would Earth look to an alien civilization light years away from us?

Aliens are listening for signals from Earth. Illustration:
Aliens are listening for signals from Earth. Illustration:

In a joint study by a group of scientists from the University of Mauritius and the University of Manchester, they used crowdsourced data to model the radio signals emanating from cell phone towers. The goal was to speculate what such a distant civilization could potentially pick up from a variety of nearby stars, including Barnard's Star, which is only six light years from Earth.

Ramiro Seida, an intern at the SETI Institute's Hat Creek Radio Observatory and graduate student at the University of Mauritius, has developed models that represent the strength of the radio frequencies these aliens will pick up as the Earth rotates and the towers rise and set.

Saida believes that unless an alien civilization is far more advanced than we are, it would have a hard time detecting the current levels of radio leakage from Earth's cell phone antennas. But, the team argues that it is likely that some technical cultures have much more sensitive reception systems than ours, and the ability to detect our cellular systems will increase significantly as we move to much more powerful transmission systems.

Saida is also excited by the fact that his simulations show that the country's cellular radio signature includes a significant contribution from developing countries, including Africa. Says the head of the team Professor Mike Garrett: "The results show that Africa managed to bypass the development stage of wired telephony and moved directly to the digital age."

Garrett is satisfied with the results: "I heard many colleagues who claimed that Haaretz's radio signature has decreased in recent years - a claim that I have always disputed. It is true that today there are fewer powerful TV and radio transmitters, but cellular communication systems around the world are very common. Each system by itself has a relatively low radio power, but the combined spectrum of these billions of devices is significant."

Dr. Nelini Hirlal-Isor, Seida's supervisor in Mauritius, thinks he may be right: "Every day we add knowledge about the characteristics of exoplanets through space missions like Kepler and TESS, with additional insights from JWST. I believe that there is a chance that there are advanced civilizations out there in space, and some of them might be able to notice the man-made radio leak coming from Earth."

The team is eager to expand the research to other factors that contribute to the country's radio leak signature. The next step will be to include powerful civilian and military radar, new digital broadcast systems, Wi-Fi networks, individual cell phones and the many sets of satellites now being launched into low orbit around the country, such as Elon Musk's Starlink system.

According to Garrett, "According to current estimates, we will have more than a hundred thousand satellites in low orbit around the country and further by the end of the decade. The earth is already unusually bright in the radio part of the spectrum. If the trend continues, any advanced culture with the appropriate technology will be able to discover us easily."

"This study is an excellent example of how a detailed analysis of the properties of human technology (the "anthropogenic technosphere") can be used to develop innovative and exciting strategies for the discovery of extraterrestrial technologies," said project scientist Dr. Waal Fara from the Allen Telescope Array. "We look forward to using the unique instrumentation capabilities and timing flexibility of the Allen telescope array, along with our growing knowledge of nearby exoplanet systems, and conducting new studies based on these strategies."

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  1. Dreams in spasm. It is better to focus on stopping the madness of global armaments, and to focus on saving the flora and fauna on earth, including humanity. In any case, the hourglass is already nearing its end. In the remaining time, it is better to enjoy as much as possible

  2. Because there are lots of stations broadcasting on different frequencies and a wide frequency range, it will appear as very faint white background noise, much less than the noise produced by the nuclear explosions on the sun. The old radio broadcasts actually have great potential, because it is a narrow frequency range at a very low frequency that is not typical for stars.

  3. A website of a mentally ill person. To open a psychiatric clinic for these "scientific" schizophrenics.

  4. Avi Blizovsky fell asleep sometime in the seventies, and has not yet woken up. If he had woken up, he would have noticed that in front of the terrible, but completely imagined monster of the "oil barons", who support the Republicans in the USA there is a formidable coalition, of all the mainstream media networks (including, to a large extent, Fox News, and maybe except for Sky-News Australia) , all the social networks consider it their duty to censor elements from the right side of the map (even the former US president was silenced), most international bodies, the World Economic Forum, all of Hollywood (all those who crossed the "enlightened" line were kicked out long ago), All the rest of the entertainment industry and of course most of the rest of the high tech industry. For some reason, both of them are unable to deal with some Texans who are pumping a black liquid from the ground, and are, in unclear ways, destroying the earth.

  5. I'm messing things up for you.. Aliens are the result of a nuclear war that took place on Earth.. They come from the distant future of humanity after the nuclear war. It is about several hundred years ahead of the evolution of man into an alien because man had to flee from Earth because there was a very severe nuclear war in all the world. Those who survived in our civilization in another place.. they are here to discover the bits of their history. Part of our history was erased because of the atomic explosion and we don't know exactly what the reason was.. Note that throughout history the signs were here.. and we could have prevented it.. but we didn't.
    You can't change history but you can find out what really happened.. Hard to believe? So here is proof.. After all, they say that if we manage to fly at the speed of light years we can reach other universes? Haha or to other stars. So that's it, that's all the way to travel in Zamah, there is no other universe or parallel world, there is only an estimate of time. And this is the space and the civilization of the aliens on one foot.

  6. Aliens exist, aliens enter homes only when humans are sleeping and activate a paralysis system, have you ever experienced such paralysis that you cannot move in bed? If so, you have been visited.

  7. Guess, we won't live a billion years, not even a million as long as the oil tycoons prevent effective treatment of the climate crisis.

  8. In my opinion, there is a company in matters here..
    who mentioned Billy Mayer and Bob Lazar..
    Even those who talk about attitude to ants, unfortunately this is also [probably] logical and correct..
    This is about a civilization that can be bigger than us in a billion years.. How will we be today and another billion years???

  9. Few people know but the series about ATI is based on a real case that happened in Nebska in the thirties of the last century.

  10. Where are you and where am I?
    Listen to Billy Meier's tape 10 and tape 11. Our universe is full of life. The 9 Pleiades have about 7.8 billion stars inhabited by humanoids from 343 different races. There are 43 million races of extraterrestrials that can move in the universe.
    Open the Tanach - it is an extraterrestrial text composed by our extraterrestrials and our ancestors the rulers of the universe - the Anunnaki and it contains time travel. Listen to Phil Schneider, to Bob Lazar.

  11. Approximately 1,000 races of extraterrestrials have visited Earth.
    The Anunnaki, for example, had contact with our ancestors and they composed the Tanach and not humans.
    The Americans have connections with the Grays from the planet Zeta.
    Phil Schneider told a lot about them and their technology. He eliminated an extraterrestrial in the Battle of Dolce, where he almost lost his life.
    Billy Meyer received a lot of information from the Pleiadians, who themselves received information from far more advanced aliens than them.
    Are you still debating?
    Our universe is full of life. There are millions of extraterrestrials who are thousands of meters ahead of us, including teleportation and the ability to travel through time.
    They are involved in our lives much more than you imagine for yourselves. For better or for worse.

  12. There are definitely aliens.
    They do not come from outside the globe to the earth but from the belly of the earth, in the worlds below us.
    Those who are interested in learning about the subject from the Holy Zohar, 7 worlds.

  13. Our universe is full of life. According to Billy Meyer who received information from the Pleiades, there are 7.8 billion stars inhabited by humanoids. The extraterrestrials are thousands, if not millions of years ahead of us. They do not communicate with radio waves because it is primitive for them.
    They influence us much more than we imagine for ourselves. The Tanakh, for example, was written by extraterrestrials - the Anunnaki, and they look like us and speak Hebrew, only that they live for a hundred thousand years and their technology is developed thousands of times more than ours, including the ability of time travel and bigalactic and maybe even interuniversal teleportation They know everything about us, everything.

  14. What are there people here who believe that there is no way 🤣🤣

  15. What we have seen so far in Tik Tok is regret.

  16. Have you ever stopped to talk to an ant? Why would advanced aliens talk to us? Even if they know we're here... we don't interest them.
    The radio signature is zero in relation to the size of the galaxy.. It did not have time to move to large distances from our sphere. The human race has only been transmitting radio into space for 100 years. So that the broadcast will reach 200 light years from all corners of the country. The size of our galaxy is 150,000 light years. So the broadcasts did not go far…

  17. My answer to the question in the title... can we discover them?
    To me there is no difference in the question, both questions have a clear answer.
    Waste of time and grandmother's stories

  18. Even if there are aliens, it is very dangerous for us if they discover our existence.
    If they are indeed more advanced than us, they can turn us into laboratory mice or treat us like we treat animals, like poultry for breeding and slaughter, or like the Europeans treated Africans and turned them into slaves just because they were more advanced than them.

  19. Have you thought about the fact that maybe aliens communicate differently from us? Maybe they have different frequency waves, it's actually different information transmission systems than ours.
    We use radio waves, maybe they use gravitational waves? He is at all in waves of light
    And they don't know it and we don't know it
    In short, aliens exist throughout this universe, the question is what do they look like and there is life in the entire universe, the question is what is life? Oxygen, for us maybe the cold of their ball is their oxygen,
    In short, the universe is an unknown place, nor would it be known in the future, unless we change our thinking

  20. The aliens are already here in Kaplan and on foot marches that a rosy Ashkenazi man could not have done if he were an alien.. The aliens are anarchists and their goal is to brutally break up Israel, Europe and the United States. They are dangerous to humanity and they falsely claim to be democrats.

  21. In our planet, which is not a sphere of life in close proximity to us on the same surface, there are highly developed life forms that were and still are in contact with the leaders of this planet... we are just being lied to that we will be afraid of everyone. If they wanted our harm, they would have exterminated us a long time ago. They will come and be in contact with anyone who wants it and all out of a desire to help us stop being slaves... a pleasant awakening

  22. What messages what messages?? wake up
    This week 26.7.23/70/XNUMX there is going to be a hearing in the American Congress that will include testimony from an intelligence officer who exposed a huge and secret project that has been operating without supervision by the American government for about XNUMX years! The program was established for the purpose of collecting extraterrestrial vehicles that have landed or crashed around the world and performing reverse engineering in order to discover and harness their technology.
    In addition, 2 retired pilots of the US Navy will testify regarding encounters with unidentified aircraft that were recorded using the systems of the planes and at the same time in the detection systems of the aircraft carriers when they maneuver in a way that does not align with the laws of physics. The videos were released to the public and were first published in the New York Times two or three years ago ( Look for the video of the "TicTac" incident on YouTube).

  23. There are aliens on another planet, they are very intelligent, all our equipment in the world or in the whole world, the technology is advanced, it is many years behind the aliens, their technology is the most advanced, not in the world, the aliens see us. We are the people for whom little animals will no longer exist, the earth will be another planet, this will be the strongest punishment in the world from God because people are prey animals

  24. Either the article's writers are stupid, or their information is missing. As far as is known, electronic messages are sent to distant celestial bodies. Things are done regularly, - aliens will not accidentally detect emissions from cell phones.
    I hope that only the article is lacking, or the writers are in the wrong place.

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