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Are the booster vaccines for corona effective against the Omicron strain? Everything you need to know

It seems that leumicron has the ability to bypass existing immunity, either from a vaccine or in convalescents. However, it seems that it is more difficult to cause a serious illness in those vaccinated with the booster shot, so experts recommend getting vaccinated as soon as possible

By: Paul Hunter, Professor of Medicine, University of East Anglia

Caution: The Omicron strain of the corona virus is spreading. t and dedicated trucks. Illustration:
Caution: The Omicron strain of the corona virus is spreading. t and dedicated trucks. Illustration:

The Omicron variant of the virus that causes the corona disease (COVID-19) is now spreading rapidly. Early reports show that Omicron causes less severe disease than other variants, but it still poses a risk to the most vulnerable, and patients with this strain are beginning to reach hospitals.

It seems that leumicron has the ability to bypass existing immunity, either from a vaccine or in convalescents. However, it appears to be more difficult to cause severe disease in those vaccinated with the booster shot.

Which vaccines are used as booster shots?

Unless there are strong reasons not to use them (such as a severe allergic reaction or other side effect in the past), the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are the preferred options.

These are mRNA vaccines, which seem to be effective compared to other corona vaccines such as AstraZeneca. A recent study looked at which type of vaccine protected best when given as a third dose, and found that the mRNA vaccines gave the highest increase in antibody levels.

Various studies (some still awaiting peer review) have found that mixing different vaccines in different doses is safe and leads to a strong immune response.

How much protection will I get?

Even before the arrival of the Omicron strain, studies showed that the protection of the third vaccine decreases after 90 days. Indeed, an early (not yet peer-reviewed) study indicated that 20 weeks after the second dose, people over 65 were only 37% protected from symptomatic COVID if they received the AstraZeneca vaccine. If they received Pfizer, this figure was 55% (although the corresponding estimates for protection against hospitalization were 76% and 91% respectively).

There is still little data on Omicron but it is likely that the protection against it is expected to be lower due to the natural mutations it has undergone. Another study examined blood samples of those vaccinated against the new version of the virus and found that the antibodies in the blood manage to neutralize it to a much lesser extent compared to the previous strains

Early real-world data released by the UK Health Agency confirms that the level of protection is indeed falling. The authors of the study state that the effectiveness of the vaccine against Omicron in people who received the second dose more than 25 weeks ago is negligible in those vaccinated with AstraZeneca and only about 35% in those vaccinated with Pfizer. But after the booster shot, the effectiveness of those vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine increased to about 75%.

As mentioned, the data refers to a symptomatic disease. The level of risk of severe disease after infection with Omicron is still unknown, as is the effectiveness of the booster vaccine against severe disease.

However, given that vaccines and boosters have shown greater efficacy against severe disease than against infection at all in previous variants, we should expect protection against severe disease to be much greater than 75%.

Also, while Eumicron has many mutations in the part that attaches to the cell, it does not have as many mutations in the areas where specific cells of the immune system called cytotoxic T cells, which help reduce the severity of the disease, focus. This is another reason why it is realistic to expect much greater protection against serious illness. But as mentioned we have to wait for the data in the field.

After receiving the booster dose, it takes a few days for the vaccine to become effective. A study conducted in Israel found that protection begins to appear about seven days after the booster injection, and then continues to increase for another week.

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  1. Connection between proteins is a connection of spatial matching (template) this is how the virus connects to the cells and this is how the antibodies connect to the protein they neutralize.
    The virus is mostly wrapped in sugar chains that are attached to its envelope proteins, so the antibodies that the body produces against these proteins cannot attach.
    The protein that stands out from the sugar shell that wraps the virus is the same protein that it uses to bind to cells (the spike protein). The protein is a relatively large and extensive area that has many sites to which many different antibodies can bind.
    The more mutations (changes) there are in these sites, especially in the part of the protein that binds to the cells, the more difficult the binding of the protein to the cells will be. Therefore, the disease will probably be different or milder or more contagious (or the opposite)... On the other hand, some of the antibodies that the body developed against the protein that was the original variant, will not match the sites that have changed, so it is expected that the vaccine adapted to the original variant will be less effective, and therefore it is also expected that its effectiveness will increase The greater the amount of antibodies in the blood (i.e. closer to receiving the vaccine), therefore a booster (Tuesday, Wednesday...) can help in such a case.

    According to this article, "xenobots", hybrid creatures that AI assembled using equipment for microscopic work.
    From frog stem cells, + heart cells - began to multiply on their own.
    Wee! Wee! Wee!
    What will happen when they meet with mRNA?

    Through them it will be possible to change anything in the body as a material in the hands of the creator - and it is not clear who their boss is! After all, they were created "spontaneously"... they piled on top of their creators and started multiplying...

    They are intended, according to the article, for tasks such as carrying drugs straight to the cancer tumor -

    They will be able to fertilize, sterilize, vaccinate, remove immunity, add to memory, delete from memory... turn a creature into a genius or a retard... store and delete items from the memory pool, the conscious and the subconscious...

    am I wrong?

    what do you think doctor

  3. The author of the article does not have a great understanding of virology or immunology. A hodgepodge of pseudoscientific nonsense. A mutation, technically, cannot "bypass" the original mathematical array from which it was created. If you are protected against the original, you are protected against a variant. Go research for yourself, this is basic virological information that we have known for many years. This is how the world works, this is how nature works. All the last two years are one complete pseudoscience. It's a shame that people fall into the trap. And it's a shame that you have also become the mouthpiece of an institution that spreads lies.

  4. I did not understand. There is a link to the original article. The parts I downloaded are relevant to other countries such as the USA and the UK. For example, where to get vaccinated and who is eligible. Not relevant to the Israeli audience.

  5. Sorry, but we don't write *everything you need to know* It seems that additional information is being hidden that we are not supposed to know, so please either all the information or take a photo of the article you copied, thanks

  6. How can they know? First of all, they will finish doing experiments on you and then they will be able to know... the guarantee that the Ministry of Health gives is for 24 hours... everything after 24 hours they claim is not from the corona so that they don't have to pay compensation... I wonder how much money they get

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