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Satellites and shaky relationships

In China it was held in a magnificent ceremony at the Hall of the People in Beijing, with the participation of Israel's Minister of Communications and the Ministers of Communications and Technology of China. At the ceremony, an agreement was signed between the aerospace industry and the Chinese communications company "Satellite Technology Hong Kong." The building has two Amos satellites

As I recall, this agreement was subsequently canceled due to the Falcon Affair


By: Amnon Barzilai

Last Thursday, an agreement was signed in China - in a magnificent ceremony at the Hall of the People in Beijing, with the participation of the Minister of Communications of Israel and the Ministers of Communications and Technology of China - an agreement between the Aerospace Industry and the Chinese communications company "Technology Hong Kong." According to the agreement, Satellite will provide IAA
The Chinese company has two communication satellites from the "Amos" family in the amount of 180 million dollars. The agreement, which was signed as part of the Chinese government's preparations for the broadcasts
The Olympic Games to be held in 2008 in Beijing, including an option
for the purchase of eight additional communication satellites, so that the total scope of the deal
will range from about 900 million to about a billion dollars.

The communication satellites - the third generation of Amos - will be produced by the Mbat Shel factory
IAA in Yehud, that the transaction greatly strengthens it from a business point of view and provides for it
In fact, an opportunity to make a technological leap forward. Amos 3 will be a husband
Greater weight and higher power than Amos 1 and 2 Baal satellites
A capacity of more than 400 movie channels and the possibility of transmission delivery
Fast internet.

IAA's technological achievement is impressive mainly for two reasons: first,
China preferred the Israeli satellite over the offer of the European giant
EADS, the second largest civilian satellite manufacturer in the world. Second, the deal
With the IAA is being carried out at the height of the severe crisis between the two countries and its claim
of China to compensate her with more than a billion dollars for canceling the spy plane deal
Falcon type.

The communication satellite deal between Israel and China is fully implemented
Ten years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries on the 24th
in January This is a date that allows for a partial summary of the balance of achievements,
And the most prominent of them is the volume of trade. In 2001, total trade between China increased
to Israel by 20% and amounted to about one billion dollars. Israeli exports only make up
About a third of all trade with China, and imports - two thirds. But the donation
Israel's biggest advantage to China is in the sale of advanced technology, mainly
in the field of agriculture and high-tech. The communication satellite deal is one
The most prominent examples of this.

In contrast to the signing ceremony for the satellite agreement - which was held with the participation of dozens
Chinese media representatives - the events of the decade of official relations are taking place
In modesty away from the spotlight. China is content with sending an embassy to Israel,
Fan Jean Lin, to the president of the country, Moshe Katsav, who will probably deliver a letter
Greetings from the President of China, Jiang Zemin. Israel is taking a slightly bold step
More. Today, a delegation led by and participating MK Moshe Arens will leave for China
Reuven Merhav, who served as the head of the Israeli mission in China before establishment
The official relations, and Ze'ev Sufat, Israel's first ambassador to China.

The way in which the first decade of official relations between Israel and
The second power in the world expresses the deterioration in the political relations between
both countries. The ambassador, Yitzhak Shelf, unlike his predecessor Ora Namir,
We are no longer a welcome guest in the offices of the President of China and the Chinese leadership.
Since the outbreak of the Falcon crisis, the political meetings between
both countries. The Chinese Foreign Minister, Tang Jiaxuan, who toured the East
High school two weeks ago, skipped Israel. King Abdullah of Jordan visited
This week in China, and tomorrow the president of Egypt will come to China.

This increased activity shows the great interest China has in the East
the high school In all the activity, the boycott of Israel is very prominent. The confiscation is striking
Even more on the background of the communication satellite deal. In Israel they are convinced that this
It could not have come into existence without the consent of the Chinese leadership at the helm
the president But don't get confused. China makes a clear distinction between its needs
the technological and its overall foreign policy. as part of her ambition
To take her rightful position as a power she is willing to pay a lot of money, incl
to Israel, for any technology that will serve its purposes. But at the same time she
Punish Israel without sentiments for the way it behaved in the Falcon deal.
Until this crisis is resolved, there is a danger that China will consolidate the policy
its totality, and the Middle East policy in particular, without reference
to the voice of Israel.

Israel will sell two communication satellites to China for 180 million dollars

By Amnon Barzilai

Israel and China signed a deal for the supply of two communication satellites in the amount
of 180 million dollars. As part of the deal, China retains an option to purchase up to
10 communication satellites. At the head of the Israeli delegation, which left for China tonight,
Communications Minister Reuven Rivlin stands, and it also includes the director general of the industry
Ha'arit (TAA), Moshe Kerat; and the plant manager of the satellite manufacturer M.B.T.,
Yitzhak Nissan. The agreement will be signed in an official ceremony at the Hall of the People in Beijing, and reviewed
by the Chinese press.

The two communication satellites were purchased by the Chinese communication company "Hong
Kong Satellite Technology", which was chosen to be the broadcasting service provider of
The Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2008. The Chinese Society,
With her, the TA held a negotiation that lasted several years, she preferred the proposal
the Israeli over a proposal submitted to it by the giant European concern, EADS
The communication satellites that will be supplied to China are from the "Amos" satellite family. they
will be delivered to China in about three years.

The two satellites that will be supplied to China have 20 respondents each. these
There will be "Amos" HP (high power) satellites, and there will be a third generation of
"Amos" satellites. The second generation "Amos" 2 will be launched into space in January 2003
by the Israeli company H.L.L., designed to satisfy communication needs
Israel's satellites.

China's decision to purchase the Israeli satellites is a signal that it does not exist
Sees the "Falcon" deal crisis as a reason to sever economic ties
and the commercial ones with Israel. Officials in Israel emphasized yesterday that there is no connection
Between the "Falcon" case and the communication satellite business. China's claim
to compensate her in the amount of more than a billion dollars, against the background of the cancellation of the aircraft deal
The intelligence that the TAA built for the Chinese Air Force bodes ill for the future
relations between the two countries.

Natan Gutman adds: The USA officially announced yesterday that it does not oppose
for the sale of the "Falcon" reconnaissance aircraft system from Israel to India, and that now there is
Discuss the question of timing. Deputy State Department spokesman Philip Ricker noted
Because the issue will also come up in the periodic talks between Israel and the US on the issue
Arms control, to be opened today. The US was represented in the conversation by the Deputy Secretary
State for Arms Control John Bolton, who arrived in Israel last week.
The aerospace industry is in negotiations to supply communication satellites to China

By Amnon Barzilai

The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is in advanced negotiations for supply
Two communication satellites for a communication company in China. The Chinese company will purchase
the communication satellites in preparation for the broadcasts of the Olympic Games
to be held in Beijing in 2008. The company preferred the proposal of the IAA
over a proposal from the giant European concern EADS according to scope estimates
The deal will reach about 200-180 million dollars.

The TAA manufactures the communication satellites from the Mbat plant in Yehud
"Amos". The first satellite in the series has been operating in space since 1996 and weighs
996 kg. Its transmission capacity is full, so in January 2003 it will be launched
A new satellite, "Amos." 2 The satellite will be larger and weigh about 1.3
ton, so that its launch capacity will increase by 50% and it will be possible to transfer
Through it 230 digital movie channels.
A third transmission beam will be added to "Amos" 2 that will reach the west coast of
USA and will enable fast internet transmission.

As part of the negotiations, the Chinese made it clear that they prefer the technology
The basic of "Amos" satellites, but the final configuration has not yet been agreed upon. One
The options being considered is to develop for the Chinese the third generation of
The communication satellites are made by the IAA. The satellite will weigh 1.7 tons and have
Capacity of 400 digital movie channels.

The Chinese decision to prefer the Israeli proposal over the proposal of a company
The European giant EADS has two aspects: its high technological level
IAA has arrived in the development of satellites. Also, in the middle of the crisis with China
Due to the cancellation of the "Falcon" plane deal, it seems that the Chinese government is not
Letting the event affect the entire relationship and connections between the two countries.

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