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The Executive Committee of the University of Haifa today elected Amos Shapira to the position of University President

The appointment still requires approval by the institution's board of trustees

Amos Shapira during his time as CEO of Cellcom. PR photo: Sivan Faraj
Amos Shapira during his time as CEO of Cellcom. PR photo: Sivan Faraj

The Executive Committee of the University of Haifa has chosen Amos Shapira as the next President of the University of Haifa and he will replace Prof. Aharon Ben-Zev who is ending his position after two terms. The appointment will be submitted for ratification by the university's board of trustees, which will meet at the beginning of June.

At the Executive Committee meeting held today (Monday), the members of the Executive Committee approved the search committee's recommendation to choose Shapira for the position of University President. Shapira will begin his position this coming October, with the beginning of the 80 academic year and he will in fact close an academic circle: he completed his first degree in economics in the early XNUMXs at the University of Haifa and his first job was as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics. "I am proud to return to the university where I took my first steps and which gave me the all-important infrastructure for success - both professionally and humanly. The University of Haifa has given me a great privilege today - to contribute from my experience and ability to the education of the younger generation and I thank the members of the executive board for the trust they placed in me," said Shapira.

In addition to his first degree in economics, Shapira also holds a master's degree in industrial management from the Technion. He was the CEO of Hogla, CEO of El Al and in his last position he recorded great success as CEO of Cellcom, which he turned into the leading cellular company in the country. Since 2008, Shapira has served as president of the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University (a position he will leave with his appointment as president of Haifa University), in which he led the "Employers' Charter for Academic Education" - a charter signed by 300 of the leading companies in the economy that called for the employment of humanities and exact sciences graduates in the sector the business Shapira has also done a lot in recent years to increase awareness among public opinion makers of the "brain drain" phenomenon from Israeli academia.

"We are happy about the choice and are confident that Amos Shapira will continue and advance the University of Haifa towards its main goal - academic excellence. His proven management abilities, together with the passion he shows for the subject of education and higher education, are the right recipe for the success of all of us", said Chairman of the Executive Committee Ami Ilon.

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  1. The man with barely a bachelor's degree, who received 51 million from the aforementioned Dankner, is transferring to Haifa University for a cooling-off period

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