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2009 Aerospace Israeli Conference and Exhibition - the opening shot for the first Israeli air show to be held in 2010

Senior officials in the military industry and the civilian defense industry will participate in a conference that will discuss the response to ballistic threats against Israel

The Aerospace Early Warning Aircraft (CAEW) of the Aerospace Industry, as shown at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris, July 2009
The Aerospace Early Warning Aircraft (CAEW) of the Aerospace Industry, as shown at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris, July 2009

The 2009 Israeli Aerospace conference for the aviation and space industry, of the Technologies Group, will open on November 17 at the Avenue in Airport City, in the presence of the heads of the military and defense industry, including the head of the Israeli Aerospace Defense Forces, Colonel Udi Shani, the CEO of the Aerospace Industry Yitzhak Nissan, the commander of the forces of the From Brigadier General Doron Gavish, and many other senior officials in the industry. The conference, held near the end of the Cobra exercise for strategic cooperation between Israel and the US, will focus this year on various aspects of the strategic and technological response to the ballistic threats against the State of Israel, and over 2,000 people are expected to attend.

Three tracks make up the conference - air and space technology, active defense and avionics - which will also offer participants a very broad professional exhibition of advanced air and space technologies. Among other things, the three-arrow system, satellites, drones, Iron Dome control and control weapon systems, and other systems that are among the most advanced of their kind in the world will be displayed in the exhibition grounds. Senior officials from a variety of bodies operating in the industry will present many topics concerning the protection of Israel's airspace. Among the exhibitors: IAI, Elbit Rafael, TAS, MPrest, Ness, Texas Instruments, Aeronautics, WindRiver, Xilinx and more.

Major General (Res.) Udi Shani will present at the conference the CBT preparation for encouraging defense exports in light of the global economic crisis. Major General Shani expressed his support for holding the conference and said: "A conference of this type is a central junction for technological and business collaborations between Israeli defense companies and procurement managers and buyers around the world. Events of this type generate significant potential for the advancement of Israeli defense industries."
At the conference, Yitzhak Nissan will present the latest trends and developments in the air, space and national security industry, and Lt. Col. Doron Gabish will present the concept of active defense and preparation for future threats.

The Aerospace Conference is the result of a collaboration of the leading bodies in the fields of security, air and space in the State of Israel and abroad. The professional management of the conference is led by Col. (Retd.) Amnon Ben David, CEO of "Or Yoitzim" company, former deputy commander of the anti-aircraft forces, together with a broad steering committee, which includes, among others: Aryeh Herzog, head of the Wall Administration in the Ministry of Defense; Dr. Danny Peretz, Vice President of R&D and Business Development, IAS, winner of the Boston Award; Yair Ramati, VP of Marketing for Aerospace Industry; Col. (Res.) Yossi Horowitz, Marketing Director of Air Israel Directorate; Colonel (res.) Kobi Mor, Director General of the Airports Authority, Brigadier General (res.) Gilad Ramot, former commander of the anti-aircraft forces, Uzi Rubin, CEO of Rubicon, former head of the wall administration and more.
Amnon Ben David: "This is a rare opportunity where the senior decision makers in the defense industry sit around one table and formulate an innovative conference program that represents the most relevant needs of the hour and provides a response to the challenges ahead. We see this conference as the opening shot for the first Israeli salon for technological innovation in air and space."

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