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Prof. Oded Abramski has resigned from his position as chairman of the MoLMVF

According to him, failure to turn the council into a corporation that would be independent and independent of the Ministry of Science does not allow the council to continue functioning

Professor Oded Abramsky
Professor Oded Abramsky

The chairman of the National Research and Development Council (NRC), Prof. Oded Abramski announced his resignation yesterday (March 9) in a letter to the Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Daniel Hashakovich.

In his letter, Prof. Abramsky cites the explanatory notes to the MoLMOP Law, which states: "Ensuring a comprehensive and objective national vision, which goes beyond the spheres of activity of the government ministries, is conditional on giving the council an independent statutory status, without subordination to any ministry and under the systemic responsibility of a committee chairman Ministers of Science and Technology".

"Following an amendment to the law at the end of 2007, the council was transferred to the Ministry of Science. This move was against the spirit of the law, harmed the council's independence and caused difficulties in the functioning of the council and its state status." Abramsky writes.

"In order to maintain the principle of independence, despite the subordination to the Ministry of Science, the previous Minister of Science decided to turn the council into a corporation. The Science and Technology Committee of the current Knesset also made such a decision. However, the proposal to turn the council into a corporation was rejected by the ministerial committee for legislation and was not approved by the Knesset for political reasons."

"Also the attempts to transfer the council to the framework of the Prime Minister's Office, in the spirit of support of previous prime ministers, and without harming the position of responsibility of the chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Science and Technology, were not accepted.

Therefore, the members of the Molomauf plenum unanimously decided at the council meeting of January 20.1.2010, 3.2.2010 to stop their activity in the council, unless the above decisions are changed and the council receives a clear independent status. The Minister of Science and the Director General of the Ministry of Science promised to discuss the issue, but to date no discussion has been held on the status of the MoLMOP. Furthermore, the current Minister of Science claimed in lectures at the Herzliya conference on February 8.2.10, 8.2.2010 and at the meeting of the Knesset's Science and Technology Committee on February XNUMX, XNUMX, that the Ministry of Science is the one that should carry out the functions of the MoLM and that he sees the council as an advisory committee to the Minister of Science and the Ministry of Science. This opinion is completely contrary to the Law of the Moloma'p, as was also emphasized by Attorney Edna Harel, who is in charge of consulting and legislation at the Ministry of Justice, during the meeting of the Science and Technology Committee of the Knesset on February XNUMX, XNUMX."

"Furthermore, despite the minister's promise to confirm the tenure of the active members of the MoLMUP appointed by the previous Minister of Science (August 2008), new members have now been appointed, and the tenure of incumbent members has been terminated.

Since promises and proposals regarding the functional independence and state status of the council were not respected, as required by the Molomauf law, and since a new council plenum has already been appointed, I would like to announce that I, like all the members of the previous plenum, am ceasing my activity in Molomauf. According to the Law of the Moloma'p (Section 7 (1)) I hereby inform you of my resignation from the position of chairman of the Moloma'p. As far as I am concerned, the resignation will take effect on June 10.6.2010, XNUMX, after the new annual report of the MoLMOP has been submitted and discussed."

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