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A new model for dark matter opens new avenues for its search

A new model published by researchers from Melbourne and CERN raises the possibility that dark matter is heavier than we thought until now. The researchers hope that the paper they published will encourage experimenters to look for new avenues for detecting dark matter

the bullet cluster. An area with a high concentration of dark matter. From NASA's Image of the Day, 2015. Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/CfA/ M. Markevitch et al.; Lensing Map: NASA/STScI; ESO WFI; Magellan/U.Arizona/ D.Clowe et al. Optical: NASA/STScI; Magellan/U.Arizona/D.Clowe et al.
the bullet cluster. An area with a high concentration of dark matter. From NASA's Image of the Day, 2015. Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/CfA/ M. Markevitch et al.; Lensing Map: NASA/STScI; ESO WFI; Magellan/U.Arizona/ D.Clowe et al. Optical: NASA/STScI; Magellan/U.Arizona/D.Clowe et al.

The "dark matter" exists. We have been observing its effect in space for over several decades, but we have not yet been able to make a "direct measurement". Are we looking in the wrong place? Researchers from the University of Melbourne recently published an article in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters, a new model for the formation of dark matter and, as a result, a new direction for its search.

The author of the article, Dr. Michael Becker, explains that the model they proposed is directly related to the cosmological phase transition. The cosmological phase transition occurred in the early universe and its mechanism is quite similar to the formation of air bubbles in boiling water. When dark matter formed, only the heavy matter penetrated the expanding bubble. According to the researchers, the bubbles expelled light dark matter and allowed only heavy matter to form. Dark matter that is in an energy scale lower than TeV or even PeV did not survive and was "filtered" from the universe.

"The model we published suggests looking for a much heavier particle than those proposed so far. The most famous of them is the 'weakly interacting massive particle' (WIMP). Most of the research and experimental efforts have been invested in locating such a low-mass particle with a weak interaction," adds Prof. Cope, one of the authors of the article. "Our work encourages researchers to expand the circle of searches towards heavy particles".

on the efforts to search for dark matter

Most efforts today are focused on searching for a light particle that has a weak interaction with its environment. At the time of writing, the dark matter has not been discovered in any experiment. "We know that dark matter exists, but we don't know beyond," explained Dr. Becker. "If it is an unknown particle, there is a good chance that we will be able to locate it in the laboratories. We can, through experiments, locate the mass of the particle and its relationship with its environment, and thus study more deeply the fundamentals of the universe."

It is also worth noting that recently the XENON1T laboratory located in Japan recently published that it discovered a signal (with a certainty of 3.5 sigma) that deviates from the accepted theories and the local background noises. The signal still doesn't meet the strict criteria of 5 sigma, but it certainly has scientists around the world wondering about its origin. If it is dark matter, the detected particle has a mass of 5 KeV, a thousand times lower (at least) than the model proposed here. In the meantime, researchers are looking into the possibility that this is an anomaly from space, most likely from a fading neutron star or a red giant.

And back to the new model - the researchers hope that the theory will lead to planning experiments to detect heavy particles in the future. One of the new labs the researchers are targeting is Stawell's underground lab. The laboratory currently under construction in the Victoria area, a kilometer below a natural deposit of gold, will soon be used to locate the dark matter, the first at such a depth.

to the article about the new model

For the article about the experiment in Japan

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  1. Dark matter does not exist for a simple reason, Tully Fisher's law contradicts it. According to the law, there is a relationship between speed and visible mass, which means that there is no effect of dark mass, or simply put, it does not exist. Regarding the bullet cluster, how did they decide where the centers of the galaxies are? As for the beginning of the location, then you need to look for a new theory. what is it Geometrization of physics. Sergey siparov professor

  2. To: A. Asbar,
    If you claim that there is a universal time for the entire universe, which you call "passive time" (denoted for convenience: "TP"), then you might be able to answer the following questions:
    1). When was TP=0
    2) What is the current value (T=t) of TP?
    3) By what physical means is TP measured?
    4) At what rate does TP progress?

  3. There is a theory of MOD by Eric Linda that has recently met calculations that it did not meet before.
    I have Occam's razor rule - if one theory is simpler than the other, go with the simpler one.
    If there is no evidence for dark matter why not at least give weight to alternative theories.

    One theory assumes the existence of extra matter and another assumes that gravity is one for each distance scale.
    A second theory does not assume this, derives gravity from entropy, and it is accepted that gravity updates with distance according to observations. So why is so much invested in dark matter? At the very least, give room for alternative theories. They are not esoteric and they are measurable, and there are no fundamental assumptions in them.

  4. Questions seeking answers

    Is Newtonian gravity an energy provider?
    Does Newtonian gravity bend the branch on the end of which an apple grows?
    Is it the apple that bends its branch?

    A bent branch is like a compressed spring, and it contains an amount of energy.
    What is the source of this energy? And is it subject to the law of conservation of energy?
    Maybe this is free energy, which is not subject to the law of conservation of energy?

    Why does this amount of free energy reflect the amount of material in the apple?
    Why doesn't a material quantity measure exist, and everyone uses this reflection idea?
    Is there even such a thing? amount of material

    The concept of "amount of matter" was established by Newton, but there is no such thing in reality.
    And if there is no such thing as "amount of material" why are there formulas that contain "amount of material"
    And now scientists are looking for a vanishing amount of dark matter
    What is "dark matter"?

    All these questions came into being, because the concept of energy did not exist in Newton's time.

    Research question: If the concept of energy existed in Newton's time, what theory would he propose for the structure of the universe?

    A. Asbar

  5. to Macho

    I enjoyed reading your comment, but I have some objections to what is written in it

    When you write that there are tens of thousands of scientists who think like everyone else, you need to understand that science is not democratic, and scientific progress does not work according to the majority.
    Throughout history it was actually promoted by those who did not follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. You will understand that there is a problem with the aforementioned dark matter that has been searched for for 80 years and cannot be found.
    It is true that there have already been things from the past that we looked for and in the end we also found a well-known example, which is the Natrino particle, which determined its existence, several years before it was discovered, and the case of the Omega Minus, whose existence was determined by the late Professor Yuval Na'eman several years before it was discovered, is also known, and there are Certainly more cases.
    But eighty years that the dark matter particle does not show itself must raise a certain doubt about its existence.
    The movement of the galaxies "refuses" to act according to Newton's gravitation formula, but... is it obliged to act according to Newton's formula? Did the movement of the planets around the sun that we measured well and do they move according to Newton's formula exactly (with the required relativity corrections) does this movement also require the galaxies to act in the same way??
    No and no!!, the solar system with its planets is a body the size of only a few tens of astronomical units about a thousand light years, and the galaxies for example our Milky Way are bodies the size of a hundred thousand light years. which are a hundred million times the size of the solar system.
    Does this really require that the same gravitation formula that activates the solar system, activates the mighty galaxy??
    Professor Mordechai Milgrom with his MOND theory realized that at great distances something else works to activate the galactic and intergalactic motion.
    But there are other possibilities for explaining the galactic and intergalactic movement, I counted about twenty possibilities of which of course only one is correct. The one that will explain the cosmological movement, and if possible, then without illusory dark matter and energy.
    It's late at night so I'll stop here
    Therefore I will only ask
    Please respond gently - thank you
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  6. The light passes from place to place with the help of a medium (absolute rest) of passive time.
    This is the hallmark of the new universe - infinite space full of passive time.
    The so-called electromagnetic waves are passive time waves.
    Passive time is absolute rest, and absolute cold.
    The material of the new universe is created from the combination of amounts of passive time and energy.
    Such a combination presents a physical form.
    Matter is not a quantitative concept, and is a physical form.

    A. Asbar

  7. In analogy, the dark matter being searched for is reminiscent of the search for dark matter-the ether to explain how light travels from place to place

  8. I must point out the extremely low level of some of the comments here. In fact, it is clear they were made by folks who simply do not understand the issues at hand and potentially have some character/mental issues. I urge the moderator to remove those without compassion - that will merely improve the reading experience.

  9. Very true, the time has come for a completely new theory about the structure of the universe.
    We must say goodbye to the universes of Newton and Einstein, and dare to meet with a new universe.
    The structure of the new universe is completely different from the one known today
    A wonderful new universe exists in reality, but it is not directly observable.
    Please get to know the neural universe

    The two fundamental concepts in the Newtonian universe are force and matter
    The two fundamental concepts in the Einsteinian universe are energy and matter
    The two fundamental concepts in the neural universe are energy and passive time.

    Passive time jumps physics into a new era.
    Passive time is the real time, existing in physical reality, and it fills the infinite space.
    Passive time is absolute rest and absolute cold, and is the physical medium that allows the passage of light.
    Passive time is a new physical concept that exists in reality as a natural fact.
    The active time known to all of us, with the concept of first now and then, does not exist in physical reality, but it exists only in the human mind.

    A. Asbar

  10. free man

    If dark matter does not exist and they invented it, then why do you claim that it is transparent? He doesn't exist...
    There is a contradiction in your words. (I assume this is due to a lack of knowledge of the material in question, on your part)

  11. Dark matter does not "exist".
    It is also not dark, but transparent, it does not interact with light.
    His story is simple: if you calculate the mass of the galaxy and the rotation of the stars in it, you find that the galaxy needs to break up.
    The mass of the galaxy is not large enough to hold the stars in it. And how much should the mass be? Many times more than there is.
    So instead of throwing the Newtonian/Einsteinian theory into the dustbin of history. Invented "dark matter", it holds the galaxy together.
    Physicists are really fired, Hope, the findings don't match the theory, so instead of ruling out the theory, they invent something that can't be proven or disproved to force the theory.
    Therefore, it is not at all surprising that throughout the entire twentieth century and twenty years into the twenty-first century, the theory did not advance at all.

  12. Porat
    Allow me just to sharpen your words: the gravitational cooling is the evidence in God's knowledge that there is an anomaly that cannot be explained by any matter and any energy.

  13. Any theory discussing the structure of the universe must answer a fundamental question
    What is there in the infinite space that stars are supposed to move in?
    Is there anything in it or is it completely empty?

    Today the accepted answer is infinite empty space.
    But there could also be another answer.
    The infinite space is full of passive time, which is absolute rest and absolute cold.
    The infinite space is also full of energy.
    And how did the stars appear? How is star matter formed? The substance is created by combining amounts of passive time and energy.
    And what is the shape of the orbit of the stars? About this in the attached article
    A. Asbar

  14. macho: I'll just add that apart from the movement of the stars, gravitational lenses also don't leave too much room for doubt...

  15. In my opinion, dark matter is black holes in the mass of the universe that surround us at distances beyond our current ability to observe.
    These black laws are raw material for the formation of new universes such as our observable universe.
    When they pass a certain critical mass, the compressed material inside loses its gravity and then they seem to "boil,"
    Their mass is ejected and creates new universes

  16. Dark matter does not appear to emit light. What is the example of each Kufir belt? Isn't that dark matter? Asteroid belt that is more massive than all the planets in our solar system. Or I don't understand the definition of dark matter...

  17. A little humility won't hurt some of the commenters here,
    Before you state that all the scientists who study the field did not think about the theory/experiment you propose, consider that there are tens of thousands of physicists, some of whom are probably not only more learned than you, but also smarter...
    and for that matter -
    The term dark matter does not describe something ethereal, which may or may not exist. It came to describe a very real anomaly measured in the orbits of the stars around their galactic centers. This anomaly, if it is assumed that it is some invisible mass, is not compatible with the assumption that all this mass is concentrated only in the center of the galaxies, but only if the mass is spread far beyond the visible part of the galaxy. (This means that it is probably not the mass of the black holes in the centers of the galaxies)
    Which leaves quite a few possible explanations-
    Mond Modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) wimps Weakly interacting massive particles
    - massive astrophysical compact halo object

    Although the possibility that relativity is different from what we think exists, (mond), and there may also be machos
    More and more indications are currently pointing in the direction of the wimps.
    The article describes a possible measurement of such a particle.
    And as for Asbar, it's a shame that you constantly lower the level of this forum. Instead of making a cut and paste for some crazy theory that Aliya thought up, ten times per article,
    I would find avenues that are more environmentally friendly, and less tedious for the readers here.

  18. Matter is not a scientific concept.
    A scientific concept is quantitative and measurable, and matter is not.
    There are only 5 quantitative and measurable things in the world, and three of them (length, area, and volume) belong to the geometric field.
    In the physical realm there are only two quantitative and measurable things, and they are time and energy.
    A time meter is based on the phenomenon of the pendulum, and an energy meter is based on the phenomenon of a spring stretching or contracting.
    A person has a natural knowledge that notices the five "quantitative things".

    Man has no natural knowledge of the amount of matter.
    Man notices the amount of volume of a watermelon, but he has no distinction about the amount of matter of a watermelon.

    And if this is the case... why are the scientists looking for dark matter? After all, this is not a scientific concept...

    A. Asbar

  19. The combination of letters H and M is the name of a physical form.
    Matter is not a quantitative concept.
    Material meter does not exist

    The material is built from the combination of amounts of passive time and energy.

    The structure of the universe is completely different from what is known today
    A wonderful new universe exists in reality, but it is not directly observable.

    The two fundamental concepts in the Newtonian universe are force and matter
    The two fundamental concepts in the Einsteinian universe are energy and matter
    The two fundamental concepts in the neural universe are energy and passive time.

    A. Asbar

  20. If there is indeed dark matter, then it surrounds all the empty space we will find, so why is it so difficult to collect samples, just take out a plastic bag at the International Space Station, collect it in the void in space and see if there is dark matter or just empty space

  21. "We know that dark matter exists, but we don't know beyond" - one of the strange and embarrassing sentences that have been heard in recent years from scientists. If we don't know about something that is supposed to be something, nothing - how do we "know" that it is "matter" and that it "exists"?
    Is it only the somewhat poetic designation - "dark" - that makes this perhaps something "matter" "exist"?
    In primitive science, as something missing in the puzzle, the solution is to immediately add a mysterious "force" or "matter", a kind of ghost or a kind of ad hoc site, and then - whoop! Everything works out". Are the statements about the existence of "dark" "matter" another example of faith in a pagan materialist religion whose prophets are mystery-loving physicists?
    Dirac once said: "In science, one tries to say in a way that will be understandable to everyone, something that was previously unknown to anyone. In poetry, it's exactly the opposite." A true physicist should honestly say that he does not know how to answer an empirical question of the kind that concerns the question of the amount of mass at the edges of galaxies and the related abnormal accelerations, etc., and that extensive theoretical and empirical research is required here to arrive at a plausible solution. But that's not what's going on around dark matter speculation. So if physicists, such as are not blessed with integrity, are not fanatics of a pagan science religion, perhaps they have become poets these days?

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