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A Japanese supercomputer will simulate the Earth

will try to imitate the climate changes and the movement of the plates

Avi Blizovsky

A Japanese supercomputer in which hundreds of millions of dollars were invested began operating this month
And it turns out that he has overtaken all the American computers that remain far behind.

Before the operation of the Japanese computer all six of the most powerful supercomputers
were americans The new computer called Earth Simulator, twice as fast
Five of the most powerful computers ever used at the Science Center
and marine technology, and which was used to predict the future climate on Earth
and his membrane.
A German expert on supercomputers, who was interviewed by the news agencies, says that
It will take at least two years before another computer can beat this Japanese computer.
The computer that has held the record so far is ASCI White from Lawrence Labs
Livelmore in the USA built by IBM and used for explosion experiments
The performance of supercomputers like these is measured in the number of floating point calculations
(flop) that they are able to perform in a second. Earth simulator is a husband
Calculation capacity of 35 teraflops or 35 million calculations per second. To-
ASCI White computing capacity of only 7 teraflops.
Hans Werner Moyer, founder of the 500 Most Powerful Computers list, says
Because he estimates that the Earth simulator will work like all 19 computers
followed by together.
"The Earth simulator is a real challenge for the US ASCI program.
The American laboratories are left behind." says Moyer.
The Earth simulator was built by NEC and it achieves outstanding performance
its side by using optimized components
to solve a particular problem they are supposed to solve. The American manufacturers tried
Build the most powerful computers possible using components
cheap standards.
ASCI White has 8,192 CPUs while Earth Simulator has only
5,104 processors.
The planning work of the Japanese computer began in 1997 and it required the establishment of
A new building the size of four tennis courts.

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