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73% of faculty members fear that they will be forced to leave the country if the coup goes ahead

This is according to a new survey conducted by the Israeli Young Academy during the month of March. In the segmentation of the results by age, it can be seen that there is an increase in the chances of leaving at all ages, but it is more pronounced for younger faculty members

The Israeli Young Academy, acting on behalf of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, publishes today, Monday March 20, the results of a preliminary survey examining whether there has been a change in the position of faculty members regarding their willingness to leave the country. The short survey was sent to all the rectors of the universities in Israel and distributed through them and through the deans to faculty members in Israel, and 1948 respondents answered it, including 1916 senior faculty members, to whom these figures refer:

  • According to the survey, A very high proportion of the faculty members who responded to the survey (73%) reported a considerable increase (of 35% on average) from last year in the chances of them leaving the country, And the great majority declares that the main reason for this is the processes of legal legislation that have begun in recent months.
  • In the segmentation of the results by age, it can be seen that there is an increase in the chances of leaving at all ages, but it is more pronounced in Younger faculty members.
  • available There is a significant negative correlation between the average age of the children of faculty members and the increase in the chances of leaving. 77% of the parents of small children (under the age of 5) reported an increase in the chances of leaving compared to only 65% ​​of the parents of older children (adults over the age of 15).
  • in all institutions A high percentage of faculty members who reported an increase in their chances of leaving the country was recorded: in most universities the percentage of respondents who reported an increase in their chances of leaving the country ranges from 62% to 81%, and at Ariel University it is 39%. No major differences were noted between the research fields.
  • Most of the researchers Anticipating future harm in their activities, such as their ability to submit research proposals to international funds, damage to international research collaborations and cancellations of peer visits.

For the expansion of the summary of the survey conclusions

Findings of a survey indicating the fear of academic staff to continue operating in Israel if the coup legislation is passed. Courtesy of the Young Academy
Findings of a survey indicating the fear of academic staff to continue operating in Israel if the coup legislation is passed. Courtesy of the Young Academy

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  1. The quality of the researcher - which will inevitably improve over time, is more important and vital than his quality as a researcher with dark opinions - which will inevitably slow down in the future. (As a condescending person - he will encounter a competing condescending person and they will neutralize him za'z).

  2. come on already All these people will leave. People are sane. Maybe real creative people will finally enter the academy and not politicians (I have a master's degree in physics). What they are mostly busy with is publishing inflated articles with little content. The wind "measures" in general. I wish they would leave regardless. The great majority of them are really the dispossessors of the Jewish people

  3. For those who think it is easy to replace academics who run away - academia is a very competitive place. Those in academia are the ones who have done better than others. If 73% leave (and it really doesn't matter why) they will be replaced by people who naturally would not be accepted. See for example Ariel University - there is a clear bias to the right and still almost 40% are thinking of leaving. Those who will replace them are researchers who are less good than the average in Ariel, and it is already very low.
    If the coup goes through, it is the end of the State of Israel as a country at the forefront of technology and science.

  4. inappropriate discussion
    Racist and offensive!
    I am Sephardic, ultra-Orthodox and live in the suburbs
    Despite the inherent discrimination in Israeli society and it won't help no matter how much you deny it!
    I'll tell you about myself, I didn't study in an ultra-orthodox school but in a state school (because that's what it was)
    Each school had a class for Ashkenazim and a class for Sephardim (sometimes some parents managed to get their children into the Ashkenazi class - but outwardly the classes were described according to levels)
    I will shorten…
    In the XNUMXth grade - I, the Spanish, religious one, wanted to study in a realist theoretical class - the whole management rose to its feet. My parents were summoned and it was made clear to them how much I would not succeed and that I had no chance of succeeding in the matriculation and that I would be more suited to be a car mechanic or a carpenter
    My mother was convinced, but I wasn't, I went to a theoretical class anyway, the school principal and the educational counselor asked the teachers to ignore me, not to check that they didn't let me take the test, that's how I spent six months.
    One of the teachers who saw the injustice that was done to me got the inspector involved and only then did they agree to enroll me as a student in a theory class!

    In short, I am the only one in the school who graduated with a high school diploma with a score of 10 in five units of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology

    I signed up for reserve studies in the army for chemistry and physics for a bachelor's degree at the Hebrew University - the army approved my studies and after 10 days I was rejected for no reason, since I am a stubborn type I inquired why the army refuses to approve the reserve studies... the sectarian issue comes up again... the answer I received amazed me about my chances of finishing my studies Lower than that of the average Ashkenazi (I have a maximum score of 5 units in the four religious subjects with a score of 783 in psychometrics!!!! It is less than an Ashkenazi with 2 high school diplomas in mathematics and physics with an average score of 78 and 425 in psychometrics)

    I was offered to study medicine and I didn't agree. The reserve was canceled and I enlisted in the armor. I came to the officers' course in blood and sweat. I was promoted to the rank of major to the next rank of lieutenant colonel. Sectarianism jumps again (despite all the praise and the almost maximum score in my performance)
    I understood the hints, I was discharged from the IDF and began my studies, which I completed with honors, a bachelor's and master's degree in computers. !!!!!

    So don't confuse the mind that only Ashkenazim can and they are the smart ones and they hold all the important jobs, everything is planned in advance!!!
    Let all those who think they own the country leave and a much stronger, much more stable and much, much better country will be built here

  5. May we live!!!!!!!!
    Do yourself a favor and go!!!!!!!!!!
    You will be replaced by better and wiser ones, the "enlightened" ones from the academy
    The academy will return to being loyal to a country that loves the Land of Israel with much more knowledge and power
    And this part will end in "The Union of Evil with Stupidity"
    Hope all the other enlightened people follow and leave too!!!

  6. May we live!!!!!!!!
    Do yourself a favor and go!!!!!!!!!!
    You will be replaced by better and wiser ones, the "enlightened" ones from the academy
    The academy will return to being loyal to a country that loves the Land of Israel with much more knowledge and power
    And this part ends with "The union of evil with stupidity..."
    Hope all the other enlightened people follow and leave too!!!

  7. They do a survey and the most important segmentation was not done or was not published.
    What about political segmentation? If the respondents were ranked according to their vote for the coalition or the opposition, it would probably become clear that those who did not vote for the right-wing coalition are pumping up the hysteria to themselves and talking about leaving the country, while faculty members who voted for the current right-wing coalition are not considering leaving the country in significant percentages.
    Even among my dear friends from the left who are not members of the academic staff, I heard similar chants, and we also heard from the hi-techists that they are leaving soon. In short, there is a right-left segmentation here and it is possible that the survey actually indicates an ideological uniformity in the academy that opposes the current government.

  8. To Menachem Livni. Easy to shout hard to check. Go to the given link, check, read and understand. Maybe. Then back up what you write based on the survey and its conclusions.

    Just to question the body of the researcher and to shout fake and incitement is indicative of the writer, his way of thinking and probably his political opinion.

  9. Who is the National Youth Academy? This article makes a mockery of accepted transparent reliable scientific criteria. This is another attempt to use a fake to incite in favor of political and other interests.

  10. The responses here are amazing, and it only shows how serious the situation is.

    Israel is in real existential danger. Those who hold the country are leaving. Friends abroad are dwindling. The neighbors are just waiting for us to weaken.

    And the idiots (like many of the commenters here think that Bibi is peeing olive oil Zach....

    Who do you think will pay taxes? And who will fly the fighter planes and helicopters? Certainly not me……

    Honestly, I'm quite surprised that the readers of "Hidan" can be so uneducated and uneducated.

  11. To Joseph Gold. I would expect a little more intelligence or at least a little less hypocrisy from someone who goes to a scientific website and calls 'enlightened' hypocrites. And to the point, one of the beautiful things in science is that references are given. And if there is no reference then it is not science. From the non-enlightened science reader I would expect to know this. Therefore, if you doubt the results of the survey then roll up your sleeves, go to the source and face the solid facts and then give your reasoned opinion. Throwing in the air 'I doubt' without reasoning is hypocrisy, stupidity and a lack of understanding of the scientific process at best or intentional doubting at worst.
    Not every case that according to you the government committed a heinous injustice corresponds to what was said in the article. It states that a very high percentage of scientists claim that in their opinion they will not be able to engage in free science under a dictatorship and will be forced to leave in order to continue engaging in free science. I think the Oslo agreement was good. What makes your opinion stronger than mine? You didn't give any arguments. Corruption cases do interfere with science in some ways, but apart from throwing slogans in the air, you did not bring any supported arguments why they should have left the country even then. In my opinion, 14-year-old girls who pour acid on police officers should be arrested and imprisoned and their parents should work hard and pay a lot of compensation to those police officers who were harmed on the one hand and to the country on the other hand for the evil of their daughters. And this is regardless of whether the justice system is corrupt or not.

  12. If this "survey" is true (and I highly doubt it) then this is a certificate of poverty for those who are supposed to be the vanguard of science, enlightened, democratic people who are open to changes (even those that do not match their worldview). They are not enlightened - they are hypocrites!
    Did these people consider leaving the country when a tiny majority accompanied by political bribery (the Mitsubishi of Goldfarb) made the murderous, disastrous and shameful Oslo Accords?
    Did these people consider leaving the country when the corruption cases of the prosecutor's office and the justice system were published (Ruth David, Gal Hirsh, Yaakov Naaman, the construction offenses of Naor and others and more... and more... and more...)?
    Were these people considering leaving the country when 14-year-old girls were thrown into prison in secession by our dark justice system - because of their obvious political bias?
    of course not…

  13. To Moshe Yaakov. If you're not a 12-year-old Iranian girl and you really are who you are, then get the hell out of you. You're just not good enough (right now) and it's not because of God (ask Shashua) it's time you realized that.

  14. Israel will be a democracy precisely after the reform and besides that democracy is overwritten. There are very successful and non-democratic countries like China which is leapfrogging and overtaking the USA and Singapore and the Gulf countries...

  15. Hello Moshe Yaakov, you may not have noticed that the person who wrote the article is the National Academy of Sciences. This is not a personal opinion, and the one who brought in politics is the government who woke up even people who were not involved in politics on a daily basis. In addition, in places where democracy has been damaged, the next factors that will be damaged after the court are the media and academia.

  16. Regardless of my previous response.
    I agree with the other commenters to the article.
    It is unfortunate to see a scientific affairs website that tries to make academic research accessible to the public in Israel taking advantage of its position to push personal political opinions. It's really a shame that the people entrusted with writing the site litter its pages with garbage and personal opinions. Really unfortunate

  17. My friends and I are waiting for the evening meal, and are happy about cleaning the stables. As soon as their honor vacates their seats, my friends and I will be happy to replace them, preferably one hour before.
    Researcher in exile

  18. interesting. Even among people who love science, political opinions still skew the way of thinking. An article that says that many people from the academic staff estimate that they will not be able/will not work under the coup and will probably want or be forced to move abroad in order to continue their work.
    One can take as an example Ariel University, which by virtue of its location and the way it was established is a somewhat political university. Most of the leading researchers prefer to be admitted to other universities first, which makes room for "others", "hundreds of thousands of settlers and immigrants" and "conscious zombies". I do not see this university as academically competitive with the other universities in the country. Despite its existence since 1982 and as a university for 11 years and being the pride of the government. I don't say anything about the people and I don't judge the people who work, research and study there (although there is some criticism of the political choice. Not the academic one).
    This is probably what will happen with science in Israel, the army and probably all areas of life with the exception of religion - instead of the excellent and the most suitable, the good ones with the right opinions will come. I hate living in a dictatorship.

  19. I thought it was a science site. I see I was wrong. We are tired of seeing people in editorial positions, who take advantage of their position, to promote personal opinions, always from a certain political side.
    enough. enough. Leave one site without this garbage.

  20. In the halachic state that will be established, there will be no academic institutions, maybe yeshivas...

  21. There is no doubt that the mass departure of the members of the "superior and enlightened" white race will help to diversify the academy, which seems to be infected with the same thinking - something that is very dangerous for the academy.

  22. Others will come. This is of course the internet and you don't have to believe me, but I am an Israeli who lives in the US, works remotely as a programmer and earns more than 10 times the average Israeli, and several times more than the academics mentioned in the article. The legal coup makes me for the first time after a decade here think about returning to Israel, and yes, also paying taxes.

  23. There are hundreds of thousands of religious nationals and from the countries of the Soviet Union who are no less wise and will easily replace them

  24. It's a shame that the site doesn't stay clean and takes a side in an ideological-political debate

  25. Miserable mental zombies, captives in the nightmare of the "regime coup", created by the algorithmic sounding board of the social networks (which are politically steered from Silicon Valley, one of the most progressive places in the world) and with the help of the media channels (the ultras are politically biased - both in Israel and in other Western countries).

    A short discussion about cognitive zombies:

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