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The thirty-three digital skills every teacher in the 21st century needs

It's amazing to see how much technology has changed the world and led to different forms of education and teaching that we didn't even think about before. Our students are more digital-centric than before. They spend more time interacting with their mobile devices than with their parents or relatives

A laptop project for every student at a school in Thimphu, Bhutan. From Wikipedia
A laptop project for every student at a school in Thimphu, Bhutan. From Wikipedia

This post is published courtesy of the blog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Every teacher is concerned about the teaching tools available to him and the skills he needs. How many times have you wondered about a better way to teach the same lesson you've been delivering to your classroom? How often have you used technology to engage your students and improve their learning processes? These are some of the questions teachers raise about their teaching skills.

It's amazing to see how much technology has changed the world and led to different forms of education and teaching that we didn't even think about before. Our students are more digital-centric than before. They spend more time interacting with their mobile devices than with their parents or relatives. Admittedly, this digital world has both a positive and a negative impact on students. Lack of concentration, short attention span, distraction, visual overstimulation, identity theft, lack of real-world socialization, privacy issues, depression, and many others are a direct result of increased exposure to technology. Studies have even proven that "multi-tasking", which the experts claim is related to the use of today's technology, reduces our concentration power by half. But don't just look at the glass half empty. The other half is much larger.
There are actually many advantages to the use of technology in education and it would be difficult to include them all in one article. Let's just say that thanks to technology you are reading this post and will probably also share it with your colleagues.
There is no doubt today that the students you teach today are completely different from the students of the last century. We need, without a shadow of a doubt, to examine the skills that we, as teachers, need to equip ourselves to be able to face the challenges of technology better. Among all the challenges, one of the most important is the ability to capture the attention and focus of the students and harness them to the learning process. For this purpose, here is a list of digital skills that you need as teachers, if you are interested in walking the paths of the 21st century. Below each skill is also a list of suitable web tools

A 21st century teacher should be able to:


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  1. Thanks for the nice translation
    Such a list, and many more like it found today on the net, is incomplete without priorities, a leading rationale for using these skills. I would start with "digital learning", the important things for teaching, its limits (time and place) and the solution.
    2. Regarding copyrights: in principle, the translation also requires the approval of the publisher/author. There is no need to ask for permission to use if the article is not copied and transferred to another site. Using by reference only solves this. With Saath, for the teaching needs of teachers in training settings as well, it is absolutely permissible to use these materials, just do not publish them by copying/pasting them on any website.
    Just a tuff

  2. Peace
    Very interesting and also enriching are all the links that have been gathered in this document... this is actually a method of enrichment and an attempt to convey important educational material to everyone..
    We as those responsible for the implementation of the national plan to adapt the education system to the 21st century must be aware of all the innovations.. In this way this list can help a lot in revealing additional tools..
    thanks for sharing.
    Do you approve the uploading of the article and the list to my training website so that I can reveal it to the teachers who pay me??
    Thank you

  3. Hi, thanks for the concentration and organization, you agree to upload with a link and copyright protection on the school website

  4. You enriched me with a lot of rich knowledge, technology advances at a very fast pace and therefore it is important to start training outstanding teaching staff in this field and even recruit teaching staff from the Technion in order to integrate the new technology and its many uses in the education system in a comprehensive, orderly and consistent manner.

  5. in the twenty-first century. In a culture that was a light to the Gentiles for thousands of years. In a culture that attached great importance to the teacher (rabbi).
    The status of the teacher is being eroded.

  6. The author of the blog is seriously carried away and I have a feeling that he is an avid technology enthusiast but not a teacher (or in the case of a single virtuous teacher). The main thing in teaching is not the "how" but the "what". A computer is a wonderful tool but it is a tool, not an end in itself. A good teacher doesn't have to be a video editor, a blogger and a bunch of things that others know how to do. This list is long and enthusiastic (and many of the sections repeat the same essence in different words). In short, not Shus.

    Apart from the content, unfortunately the translation and proofreading are lacking, but this is not the place to expand; I sent an email about it.

  7. Bullshit article.

    A teacher should be familiar with the computer in the same way that a typist should be familiar with the computer (in her field of work) or an accountant should be familiar with the computer (in her field of work). Not something that needs to be inflated by the fact that every simple operation you do on a computer is broken down into pennies.

    A teacher should not write presentations, or any similar graphic work to explain himself, this should be included in the written or digital books.

    As for our beloved country.
    It is not profitable to be a teacher in the foreseeable future, it is a livelihood only for women who are supposed to be the second breadwinner in the house (the husband is the main breadwinner). A teacher's salary, relative to working hours, is a low salary and will remain low. Ofek-shmofc-new and other inventions of the Ministry of Education are methods to lower the teacher's salary, will only further deteriorate the teaching profession.

  8. totometer,
    A good teacher can also get a higher salary because a reward system for outstanding teachers was recently introduced. But remember that if you teach high school you have at least four more months off in which you receive salaries and can work in other things as well.

    Besides that there are many other benefits, just for example, every employee has 30 or a little more sick days a year. When you retire, you will receive payment for unused sick days (above a certain end). It comes out to almost an extra month's salary per year. Not bad, eh?

  9. You've gone crazy,

    A person with such skills will not apply for sub-minimum wage teaching, but will be a super producer of videos on YouTube, or the owner of a leading technology blog, or the owner of a training company that rakes in millions.

    In practice, if he is able to manage his Google box properly, and not reach a situation where pictures of him drunk and naked at the class teachers' party end up on the students' Facebook, he can see himself as a leading technologist in the school.

  10. Some of the skills will upgrade the teaching, some will upgrade very little. Technology is not the main problem in education. If in "Ofek Hadad" a teacher receives 5300 and given ten years he will reach 9 in the best case scenario, then even people like me who just like to teach (as a student I lived from private lessons and received a scholarship for preparing small classes for matriculation) simply do not approach the public system.

  11. Yehuda I counted 29 skills and about 39 links,

    So maybe it's some kind of average...

    There is a generation gap, the teachers are not as digital as their students.

    On the other hand, in my opinion emotional intelligence, leadership, charisma, sensitivity, values, caring, love, wisdom - are what is important in a teacher. Go digitize it.

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