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The resistance mechanism of the FIV virus, which causes "feline AIDS" has been revealed

Prof. Mishna Akram Alian from the Faculty of Biology at the Technion discovered a mechanism that forms the basis of the resistance system of the H.IVF, the virus that causes "feline AIDS"

Illustration: pixabay.
Illustration: pixabay.

IVF - Feline immunodeficiency disease - caused by viruses very similar toHIV-1, the AIDS virus. In this disease, which is transmitted between cats mainly through the saliva, the immune system is damaged and is unable to deal with infections, diseases and the development of cancer cells. The disease is mainly characteristic of male street cats, who tend to get into fights and bite each other.

The disease develops in three stages: an acute stage characterized by fever and an increased tendency to internal and external infections; A dormant (latent) phase without symptoms during which the immune system gradually weakens and the immune failure phase, which may appear only after many years, in which the immune system weakens to the point of life-threatening. In the third stage, the cat may die from relatively simple infections that would not have harmed him if his immune system was normal.

Although the virusIVF It does not infect humans, this disease concerns many bodies in the world both because of the concern for the cats themselves but more importantly, due to the many parallels to the AIDS virus.

Despite the global fight against the AIDS epidemic, this disease continues to claim thousands of victims every year. Despite the resistance of the attacked body cells, and despite the use of specific drugs, the AIDS virus succeeds, HIV-1, to survive and reproduce in the living cell and to develop increasing resistance.

The general structure of the cat protein appears to be very similar to that of HIV. Source: Technion.
The general structure of the cat protein appears to be very similar to that of HIV. Source: Technion.

The strength of the AIDS virus stems from the great diversity in its genome, which is made possible by one of the proteins it produces, the "reverse transcription" protein (reverse transcriptase). The viral genome is made up ofRNA, but this protein knows how to "translate" it RNA to DNA in the opposite direction from the common process in nature. IVF and-HIV-1, like other retroviruses, know how to "plant" it DNA in the genome of the host, meaning the body infected with them, thereby causing the host cell to produce new copies of the virus. Because of its high importance for the reproduction of the virus, this protein is a significant basis for the development of new drugs against the AIDS disease that will allow overcoming the various resistances that those viruses continue to produce.

Now, in an article published in the journal PLoS Pathogens, Prof. Mishna Akram Alian and Dr. Mital Galili from the Faculty of Biology at the Technion showed for the first time the protein structure of the feline virus in its three-dimensional form. This is how they discovered through it the mechanism of resistance of the virus to drugs against the "reverse transcription" protein - a mechanism based on a closed pocket configuration that prevents the binding of drugs of the type NNRTI.

This structure highlights the extent to which the proteins of these viruses are subjected to minimal changes that allow the development of resistance against drugs while preserving the functionality of the protein, something that has not been observed in the virus to date HIV-1. According to Prof. Mishna Aliyan, "using this structure, it will be possible to develop stronger and more specific drugs that will make it possible to overcome the resistances that are developing at a meteoric rate in the AIDS virus. We hope that based on our discovery, drugs will be developed that will 'break through' that pocket and thus allow those drugs to inhibit the culture of the virus in cats. Of course, due to the parallels between IVF To- HIV-1We estimate that the discovery will also help in the fight against AIDS."

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  1. Peace and blessings to dear Nisim!
    Unfortunately, with the whole story of core studies and evolution in Israel, and the tangible problem with the kosherness of cats, I'm not sure what our dear minister of education included or didn't include in the study material. Maybe Jenner's story was included in the Department of Education's Yiddish stories file. So it won't hurt if we remind professor Mishna Akram Alian (who is apparently weak in knowing this language of the goat), of Jenner's actions. Although I admit that maybe, as you say miracles, it was unnecessary.

    And to dear Israel no less
    You are apparently a greater expert on ancient Chinese proverbs than I am. But still I remember an ancient Chinese proverb
    The saying (in a free translation): - Even though we moved the clock, the Sabbath will come!"
    I'm going to dinner.
    All the best to everyone!

  2. An ancient Chinese proverb says:
    "Yang Tsung Chang Xing Gualt Miao". That said, it doesn't hurt to try, at most the cat went.
    Please respond gently

  3. Yehuda
    But it seems that the feline AIDS virus does not attack humans at all. And let's hope that he won't attack either, because no one guarantees that it will be a mild illness.
    In any case, this is a completely different story. Smallpox is a disease that, in principle, humans can develop a vaccine against, those who were sick and managed to recover were vaccinated against it. In AIDS this is not the case. None of those who contracted AIDS (meaning who developed symptoms and not just a carrier) recovered spontaneously. And certainly we have not become immune to it.

  4. In the case of smallpox, Edward Jenner found at the time that those infected with cowpox remained immune to human smallpox. I would suggest to check if a similar case cannot happen in AIDS and maybe cat AIDS will bring a cure or a vaccine for AIDS in humans.
    Professor Mishna Akram Alian for your attention.
    Good Day

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