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April 25, 2023

As in the case of the Bereshit spaceship, the landing phase is critical * The person who was the chairman of the Israel Space Agency at the time of the Bereshit spaceship crash says in a conversation with the Hidaan site: "In the Bereshit the engine was turned off due to human error, we should wait and see what happened today"
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The compass, as well as Bren type machine gun pods, were uncovered in an archaeological study by Dr. Rafi Lewis from Ashkelon Academic College and Haifa University and Il Marco from the Antiquities Authority * According to the researchers, the compass belonged to the platoon commander or one of the two patrols who fought in force * The study may shed light on the battle in which they were killed all warriors
Despite a slowdown in the global economy, the chip industry is expected to continue its growth path, driven by the growing demand for artificial intelligence, digital devices, and applications based on smart electronics
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