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March 29, 2022

Due to incorrect diagnosis and treatment: 4 in XNUMX children who have suffered a minor head injury may suffer from chronic post-concussion syndrome
As part of its deadly attack on Ukraine, Russia has taken the rare step of using intellectual property rights as a war tactic. In early March, the Russian government issued a decree according to which Russian companies are no longer obliged to compensate
The award is given for his pioneering work in the field of two-dimensional nanomaterials built from defined and oriented monoatomic layers. His groundbreaking contributions include the creation and understanding of two-dimensional topological and magnetic structures, and the discovery of superconductivity and coordinated states in graphene
The new vision of the University of Haifa is comprehensive and includes the entire avenue of its activity: in research, teaching and operation. It is based on the 17 goals established by the United Nations to ensure the sustainable development of humanity
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