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About 18 students will start the XNUMX academic year at the University of Haifa

Along with the ongoing trend of increasing interest in the "applications" professions, this year there was also a growing interest in the spiritual fields

Haifa University. From Wikipedia
Haifa University. From Wikipedia

About 18 students will begin the 10,000 school year at the University of Haifa. 8,000 students will study for a bachelor's degree, about XNUMX for a master's degree and another over a thousand students for a third degree. "The University of Haifa continues to grow and take in new faculty members. This year we are also registering a significant increase in the number of people registering for the university, which is mainly due to the personal treatment and the great investment in our students", said the president of the university Prof. Aharon Ben-Zev.

As mentioned, this year there is a trend of a significant increase in the number of people registering for all degrees at the University of Haifa. According to the rector of the university, Prof. David Farji, the trend of interest in the "applications" classes continues this year as well, but alongside this trend, there is an interesting trend of growing demand this year also in the less applied classes, such as, for example, art, literature and multidisciplinary studies.

The university will continue to train the trainees of the National Security College of the IDF for a master's degree in the next five years and it continues to be the home of those who wear the uniform as, along with the trainees of the IDF, the trainees of the pilot course and the trainees of the intelligence corps as well as the cadets of the officer course and the trainees of the police command and headquarters college will study at the university Israel to study for bachelor's and master's degrees at the university.

A new track opened this year is a Bsc graduate degree in medical sciences. This is actually about "pre-medical" studies where the degree graduates will be able to continue - if they qualify - for medical studies at the medical school right from the fourth year. Among the newly opened programs: a master's degree program in film culture, a master's degree in group supervision, a master's degree in autism and developmental disabilities, and more.

A major consideration decided upon by the university is the opening of attractive international programs for a master's degree in English, with the aim of attracting high-quality students from abroad and strengthening the international aspect of the university. Already this year, the first program PEACE & CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STUDIES (peace studies and conflict management) has been opened in the School of Political Science and in the next academic year several more new programs will be opened, including Global law-patent law International MBA Holocaust studies Maritime civilization.

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  1. So what is the solution? More institutes? Establishment of more universities? Spend more money (that the state does not have) on higher education? Is there a solution?

  2. "The University of Haifa continues to grow and take in new faculty members." It is very difficult to be accepted as a faculty member at Haifa University and also to be accepted as a teacher from abroad (which is really not a glamorous position...). It is much easier to get accepted to a good university in the USA than to be accepted as a lecturer from abroad at the University of Haifa.
    And it is an engine for brain drain. It is true that there are limited budgets for higher education and the crisis has not yet been resolved, but in the long term, unfortunately, the policy of higher education encourages brain drain.

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