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17:45 – Spaceship1 did it

The Scaled Composite company will try to launch the spacecraft SpaceShip1 in order to win the X-Prize

Dikla Oren

Spaceship1 spacecraft. Credit: Scaled Composite

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17:45 – Spaceship1 did it

The spacecraft managed to reach the necessary altitude and return to the atmosphere safely. If you manage to repeat the act in less than two weeks, Scaled Composites will win ten million dollars and the title of private space pioneer.

The full story of the launch and return follows.

17:20 - I heard a boom on my voice, the spacecraft is on its way back

About ten minutes ago the spacecraft separated from the plane. The separation went smoothly. After separation, the spacecraft's engines were turned on, but unexpectedly shut down a little later. It is not clear exactly what caused this, but apparently the required height was reached. Spaceship 1 turned back into an aircraft and began the re-entry process. The spaceship can be seen from the ground, and in the Mojave desert cheers were heard from the crowd.

16:20 - Spaceship 1 took off

The spaceship Spaceship 1 took off from the airport in the Mojave Desert on the plane carrying the "White Knight". In about half an hour the spaceship is supposed to separate from the plane.

Trying to win the X-prize: Spaceship 1 launch is scheduled for today

Today, Wednesday September 29, the launch of the private spaceship Spaceship1 is planned. The spacecraft will be launched from the Mojave Desert around 6:00 AM PDT (around 15:00 PM Israel time) in an attempt to win the X-prize.

The X-Prize requires a private company to plan, finance and execute a launch of a spacecraft to the edge of space (100 kilometers) and repeat the operation two weeks later. The desired prize - 10 million dollars.

The spacecraft Spaceship 1 made history on June 21 this year, when it became the first private spacecraft to cross the border of space. The pilot who flew the Scaled Composite spacecraft, Michael Melville, became the first pilot to receive astronaut wings privately.

During the flight in June, a malfunction occurred in the spacecraft, but the pilot took control of it, and the spacecraft returned safely. Due to the malfunction, the additional launch was postponed for today.

We wish success to the spacecraft. More updates later today.

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