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The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis will be delayed due to a hurricane in Houston

Avi Blizovsky

The launch of the American space shuttle for the first time in about five months, planned for today, October 2, may be postponed due to Hurricane Lilly.
NASA's shuttle program manager, Ron Ditmore, said he would not allow the Atlantis launch on Wednesday if Hurricane Ames hits Houston, the site of NASA's control center. The ferry has already been delayed for six weeks due to the prolonged repair of the pipes. It is planned to upload another component to enlarge the International Space Station.
"It's very disappointing to get almost to the launch, get good weather in Florida and fall because of a threat in the Bay Area, says Dietermore, a resident of Houston, but according to him there is no reason to rush. If Houston is indeed the target of the overnight storm, NASA will simply wait until the hurricane passes, Ditmore said.
It may be necessary to return NASA employees engaged in preparation for the launch from Cape Canaveral to their homes in Houston to prepare for Lilly. This figure also includes the six astronauts scheduled to fly on the shuttle.
As for the International Space Station, which is constantly in space and needs monitoring by flight control - well, in the event that the control center in Houston shuts down, the control center in Moscow can take command.

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