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A research fund for the USA and Israel named after the seven astronauts who perished in the Columbia crash

By Peter Kramer New York Times

Ilan Ramon in Colombia. The proposal will be submitted to Bush for approval

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The United States and Israel will establish a joint research fund for research in the field of space and education in the name of the seven astronauts who perished in the space shuttle Columbia. The Minister of Science and Technology, Eliezer (Mudi) Zandberg, and President George W. Bush's scientific advisor, John Herman Marburger, agreed on the establishment of the fund during their meeting today, and the proposal will be submitted for Bush's approval in the next two weeks. All seven astronauts on the shuttle, including the Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, were killed when the ferry broke up over Texas on February 1 of this year.

Marburger, who is responsible for establishing the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), further told Zandberg that he is interested in expanding cooperation with Israel in the field of technological education after he expressed concern about the decline in exact science studies among American teenagers and students. In addition, the two decided to expand cooperation between Israeli researchers and American researchers in the field of nanotechnology.

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