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Materials Research Society award to Prof. Landman and a nanotechnology conference in Eilat

Nano technology

The Israeli scientist, Prof. Uzi Landman, currently at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, USA, was named the winner of the annual award of the American Society for Materials Research, MRS for his research in dynamic molecular simulations. The prestigious award has been distributed since 1990, until today, it has only Americans, Japanese and one German.

Nanotechnology connoisseur

Landman, winner of the 2000 "Feynman Prize" in physics, specializes in nanotechnology - the world of devices on the microscopic-atomic scale (measured in billionths of a meter) and focuses on nanotribology - the phenomenon of friction/lubrication of moving components in the ultra-miniaturized machines; The behavior of solids and liquids and the "interface nodes" between them.

Meanwhile: today begins in Eilat an international scientific symposium on the chemistry of supermolecules organized by Prof. Israel Goldberg, from the School of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University. Guests will arrive from 16 countries, including Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India, Europe and the USA. The scientists will discuss innovations in nanomaterials, unique organic polymers and innovative biological materials.

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