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Cyber ​​in space: an agreement was signed between the Israeli Space Agency and Space ISAC

The agreement paves the way for research and development of technologies in the fields of cyber space

sign the agreement. Right: Space ISAC chairman, Samuel Wiesner, and Israel Space Agency director, Uri Oron
sign the agreement. Right: Space ISAC chairman, Samuel Wiesner, and Israel Space Agency director, Uri Oron

The Israel Space Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, signed a cooperation agreement in the field of space cyber with the American organization Space ISAC last week as part of the Space Symposium conference in Colorado. Space ISAC is a national coordinating body that is a focal point for information security and cyber services for the private and public sector. It centers information and promotes cooperation between companies in the global space industry and space agencies with the aim of improving defense capabilities against cyber threats. The agreement, which was signed by the director of the Israel Space Agency Uri Oron, and the chairman of Space ISAC Samuel Wisner, will make it possible to promote new opportunities in the field of cyber in space, including research and development of technologies.

Director of the Israel Space Agency, Uri Oron: "The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Space Agency and Space ISAC will help make the international space sector safer, both organizations hope that this milestone will promote international cooperation. We look forward to the opportunities inherent in this collaboration for both organizations as well as for the space industry as a whole."

A dominant player in the global space economy 

Space assets have a high economic and security importance and are increasingly becoming critical for various services, such as navigation, communication and weather forecasting, on which increasingly indirect services depend. Along with the many benefits, the risks inherent in cyber threats are also increasing, starting from disrupting satellite services, through the interception of sensitive information, to diverting satellites from their orbits and putting them out of action. The increase in cyber threats to services based on space technologies led to the growth of the cyber security field in space and against this background, the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center organization, or Space ISAC for short, was established in 2019. The organization's control center, which operates at the Kevin O'Neill Center for Cyber ​​Education and Research at the University of Colorado Springs, reached initial competency in March last year. Its companies include industry giants such as Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, and it has agreements with space agencies around the world.

Chairman of Space ISAC, Samuel Wiesner: "We are excited about the Israeli Space Agency's decision to become a partner. Our mission is to strengthen the security and stability of the space systems, on which our economic and national security and our critical infrastructures rest. Cooperation with international partners who share the same values ​​and interests contributes significantly to the execution of the mission. Israel's impressive technological capabilities, stable space program, and tradition of innovation will be a powerful contribution to Space ISAC's mission. As an actor that is becoming dominant in the global space economy, Israel is an essential partner in the collective efforts for growth and creating security for the economy in a way that reflects the values ​​of our partners."

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