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Another test of the "Arrow" missile passed successfully this morning

The test of a missile to intercept ballistic missiles was conducted at a site in Palmachim

Amnon Barzilai

Another test of an "Arrow" missile to intercept ballistic missiles was conducted this morning (Monday) at the test site in Falehim. The experiment, it was reported, was successful.

Archive photo: Alon Ron - the arrow missile. In Israel it is estimated that the "Arrow" provides an answer to the "Shihab" 3 missile

Head of the Ballistic Missile Protection Wall Administration at the Ministry of Defense,
Aryeh Herzog, said yesterday that this is an experiment, and if it succeeds, he will indicate a stage
Another important factor in promoting the performance of the "Arrow". Head of the "Hats" project in the administration
for Ballistic Missile Defense at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), Larry
Johansson, arrives in Israel to be present at the experiment.

The experiment was designed to test, among other things, the limits of the envelope of capabilities of
The "arrow". The security establishment estimates that the "Arrow" responds to the missile
The ground-to-ground (TKK) "Shihab" 3 produced by Iran. The assessment is needed
Iran has about 10 years to develop missiles with fragmentation warheads. Administration
"Hats" at the MLM plant in the aerospace industry, headed by Dr. Dani Peretz, began
To start the improvement plan of the "Arrow", (ASIP) shared with Israel
and to the USA.

The Pentagon has already approved an allowance of 20 million dollars for the benefit of the program, and according to
The Ministry of Defense estimates that the US Congress will increase the allowance to 50
million dollars in 2002 as part of ongoing talks with the Pentagon,
A work plan is being formed for the continuation of the tests on the "Arrow" missiles at the test site
of the US Army "White Sands" in the state of New Mexico starting in 2003
As part of the experiments, the "Arrow" will be tested by intercepting real Scud missiles
and more missiles.

As in the previous experiment conducted about a year ago, this time too the "Arrow" tried to intercept
An air-to-ground missile ("Black Anchor") launched from an army F-15
the air The air-to-ground missile, produced by the Weapons Development Authority
(Raphael) simulated ballistic missile. Among the data kept secret are ranges
The action of the "arrow". However, Prof. Angelo Codavila wrote in the study
which he prepared for the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
in Jerusalem, because the "Yerok Pine" radar, which is part of the "Hatz" system,
Able to detect ballistic missiles from a distance of 500 km.

According to Kodavila, this is a powerful enough radar even against ballistic missiles
A fragmentation arrowhead, and is able to distinguish between active warheads and
Fractures and dummy lures.

Through the control and control system "Etrog Zahav" developed by the company "Tadiran
Systems", the "Hats" weapon system is capable of managing up to 14 interceptions
in parallel. Because of its speed (about 2.5 km per second) the "arrow" is able to intercept
Ballistic missiles at a distance of 90-50 km from Israeli cities.

The Arrow System Improved Program (ASIP), funded by
The Americans, is a research and development (R&D) program under which they will develop
Engineers of the MLM plant of the Aerospace Industries Technologies against improvements
possible with surface-to-surface missiles. One of them will be technology development
which will allow the "Arrow" missile to immediately distinguish between an enemy missile with a warhead,
and decoys that the missile will release for the purpose of deception.

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