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Who is an alien?

Only in Israel, Rafi Reshef. Channel 2: Life in Space Week, Channel 8

Esther Zandberg

Diary of an Alien: We landed at night. A bluish light flickered. according to the drawings
that they left yesterday on the moon, these are probably the humans. So that's how they really are
look? One kisses beards, another, the one with the mustache, walks into the unknown
And along the way makes fun of himself in front of the camera. The one with the silver hair and eyes
The steel shakes hands with a rubber doll. Two clowns behind a red table
Scream out loud, press a button, and when a photo of a man with a hat appears
Fur, they burst out laughing. I wonder why. Between the two moves a creature
There lived an unhappy man named Shuki. Maybe you should send a spaceship to rescue him. a man of the people
A yellow shirt whose studio has an empty chair hosts a champion joke teller.
I wonder what they have so much to laugh about here.
It is also interesting what meaning the color yellow has here: the forecaster in a yellow tie,
The national security adviser in a yellow tie, the moderator in a yellow shirt. Sure
that some kind of transgalactic conspiracy is being hatched. Next to the champion of jokes sits
A politician whose party is falling apart by its own hands, but just as urgent
him to tell a joke. More in the studio "The vibrant star of Channel 2" (who tells
joke) and the son of a singer. His father, who is known to everyone here in Kochav Eretz, is also
A drug addict and asking for another chance. The crowd claps and whistles happily.
Apparently everything is funny on Planet Earth.
The vivacious reporter (or star) once won an award because she managed to convey
At the time of news of Sher's death. In March, not even the kindergarten teacher was there
excited Carl Sagan was right after all, and apparently we're not alone there
up in the stars It was actually interesting to watch the channel all week
Science, in the series about life in space, and to know exactly what they think about us
Here. But hand on heart (we have such a thing), with such creatures as they have
On a planet Earth, who needs aliens?

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