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Severe weather in both Florida and California continues to delay Discovery's landing

Avi Blizovsky

Update 23 / 10 / 200
Winds at speeds of 42 km/h at the Kennedy Space Center in California are prevented
It's the second day the shuttle Discovery has landed. wind speed
The maximum speed at which a space shuttle can land is 25 km/h. Spirits
And rains also prevent the landing at the alternative field - the air force base
Andrews in California.
The space shuttle needs a 5 km landing strip due to the high speed
where it comes from space, and that too with the help of parachutes for braking.
The last time a ferry landed in California was in 1996
NASA always prefers to land the shuttles at the Canadian base, from which they are also
Take off, to save 750 thousand dollars - the cost of operating the jumbo plane
He took the ferry on his back. The thaw also lasts about a week, and this may
to hit Discovery's schedule to take off on its next mission in February,
When she brings the replacement crew with her to the space station. The first team
will take off on October 31 to the International Space Station aboard a spacecraft
The shuttle crew, which includes seven astronauts, spent the past week
at the International Space Station. The team assembled additional equipment at the station and prepared
The same for the arrival of the team that will be stationed there permanently, in about two weeks.
As mentioned, the American astronaut Bill Shepherd and two Russian cosmonauts
Should take off from Kazakhstan on October 31st, and arrive two days later
for a four-month stay on the International Space Station.

Discovery commander Brian Duffy described the station as "beautiful in form."
amazing We are simply overwhelmed by the impressive colors of the station, colors
That look so fierce up here, probably because you don't look through

During the week, the astronauts added another ten tons of ingredients
to the space station, which increased its weight to 80 tons. Among other things, a surface was installed
New docking. During the installation, the team conducted four spacewalks over four
consecutive days

Winds prevented Discovery from landing today, will circle the Earth for a while
a whole day
Update 22 / 10 / 2000
The Discovery crew (pictured) who completed another step in assembling the space station did not
Returned to Earth today as planned. Strong winds blowing in the Cape area
Canaveral in Florida prevented the landing. NASA decided to postpone the
The landing will take a full day, during which the astronauts will continue to orbit the ball

Update 21 / 10 / 2000
The Discovery team finished building the skeleton of the space station, will return to Israel

The Space Shuttle Discovery crew has begun preparations for its return to the sphere tomorrow
Haaretz, after making the final preparations for building the skeleton of the space station
the international. Discovery is supposed to land on Sunday after the 11 days of the operation,
Only weeks before the arrival of the first permanent staff.
The ship closed the hatches leading to the space station and detached from it during the day
sixth. Brian Duffy, the commander of the Discovery answered questions in a chat on the CNN website
Regarding the need for a space station that costs between 60 and 100 billion dollars. “Station
The international space will enable the creation of a place where we can learn about life
In space," Duffy said. The scientists are "looking forward to using the station
space to test everything that can be done in zero gravity. commander
The shuttle also commented that the International Space Station will also serve as a forward outpost
For the continuation and deepening of space exploration, and perhaps even for humans to go to Mars.

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