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Scientists simulated X-ray emission in comets

Besides the Sun, comets emit the most powerful X-ray radiation. Now scientists have managed to explain how it is formed

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At a scientific conference held today, scientists from California presented a study in which they succeeded in causing the emission of X-rays under laboratory conditions, while creating conditions simulating a meeting between solar winds and gases such as those found in the vicinity of comets. The scientists used the electron ion beam capture device located at the Livermore laboratories, and created voltage exchanges between heavy ions to cause the emission of X-rays, a process similar to that which occurs in a comet when solar winds meet gases.

The method used to image the emission of the X-rays can, according to the scientists who developed it, be used to diagnose solar activity, to identify the "weather conditions" in space and to measure the speed of the solar winds. Since the orbit of the comets also passes through distant places that the spacecraft sent from Earth do not reach, the methods of measuring the comets can yield new discoveries about distant regions of the universe.

The emission of X-rays has already been detected in several comets moving through the solar system. With the exception of the sun itself, say the scientists from California, comets emit the strongest X-ray radiation in the solar system. The research he conducted can explain how it is formed.

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