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For the first time: a robot bodyguard capable of killing

Thai scientists have developed a bodyguard robot, capable of firing a weapon that it directs using a laser

Thai scientists have developed a bodyguard robot, capable of firing a weapon that it directs using a laser.
The robot, known as Roboguard, is able to shoot automatically according to programming or according to a command it will receive from its human masters via the Internet. The robot has infrared sensors, which allow it to track human movements. When it is controlled via the Internet, activation is done using a coded and encrypted "fire" command. Currently, the machine, which consists of multiple cameras and a small video camera, is on an adjustable tray, but the inventor hopes to develop it into a robot that can chase its target on foot.

The inventor, Pitihata Sorakasa of the Bangkok Institute of Technology, said: "We can make it portable. It will also be possible to design it as a mobile system. We have the technology." The current Roboguard is equipped with a gun, but Soraxa says that it would be very simple to upgrade it to a more powerful weapon, such as a machine gun. This idea greatly frightens British robotics experts. Kevin Warrick, a cyberneticist at the University of Reading, who has warned many times of the danger of robots gaining too much power, said: "Something can always go wrong. We must not allow coincidences, we must think about including laws like those of Asimov, but even robots will then be able to find a way to bypass them."
In 1940, the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote the three laws of robotics, the purpose of which is to prevent robots from harming people: a robot must not harm a human being, it must obey orders from humans, and it must protect its existence as long as it does not conflict with the two previous laws.
Chris Cherensky from the Center for Computational Intelligence at the University of Montfort in Leicester, said: "To me it looks terrible and terrible. What about the internet delays when the line is busy? What you see and what the gun will aim at may be completely different things. In the end you might shoot anything."

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