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All Muslims should know that they can live freely in the West



Last week, Muslims around the world began fasting and abstaining from pleasures
During the day, with the arrival of the month of Ramadan, a centuries-old tradition. this year
Ramadan is of a different nature: it falls on the days when Osama bin Laden
Busy blaming the US for the war it is waging against Islam,
and calls on the Muslims to fulfill their duty and fight back.

This year, Ramadan prompts Muslims and non-Muslims alike to ponder seriously
In the question, how can the Islamic world co-exist with other religions
others and with those who do not believe in any religion. Or, as the Taliban
And their ilk claim, certain aspects of Islam must, irrevocably
Avoided, clashing with modernity. If the question must be raised, it is because
Loud voices are now heard from both Hebrews, the readers are challenging a point
The liberal view.

The perpetrators of the 11/XNUMX attack proclaimed a version of Islam hostile to
The rest of the religions, and which binds together all the countries with a Christian heritage, as
which are "crusades" and enmity. Unfortunately, it seems that some politicians
And commentators in the West took that bait after 11/XNUMX and left
In statements along the lines of: "Yes, our civilization is indeed radically different
Yours, and ours is better."

Since then, wiser voices have been weakened in the dome. In fact, all governments
Muslims rejected the terrorists' interpretation of Islam, and Western leaders
They reiterated that they do not sizzle but respect Islam. But in which ones
Exactly conditions can pious Muslims expect a life of coexistence with
Believers of other religions or people who do not believe in any religion, and with the world
Modern as a whole? Despite the recent efforts of Western politicians
Some, like British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to study the Koran,
The answers to these questions can only come from within the Muslim world,
where the interpretation of faith is a constant craft.

Islam shares some dilemmas with every other world religion, which roots
Located in a time and place far away and very different from those we live in today
Most of her followers. Which practices were determined once and for all without any way
change them, and which can change according to place and time? as far as they can
The devout believers reconcile the belief of scientists in the accumulated knowledge
In the course of time with the idea that there are announcements that are good and true

Muslims, including the pious among them, can say that their religion has a point
An origin has none of these advantages - compared, for example, to the Catholic Church
In the Middle Ages - when it comes to dealing with these questions. Islam
He never tried to discourage believers from empirical inquiry and demand. nothing
No exact parallel in Muslim history to the church fathers who persecuted the
Galileo on his theories.

Maybe so, non-Muslims can reply. But is the interpretation of the law
And the Muslim tradition was not entrusted to groups of old men, which are not
Is it likely that they will be open to new thinking? There are also Muslims who are concerned
from that. According to them, the task of interpreting the tradition must be assigned to a broad category
More of humans, or even Muslims as a whole.

This may be a vision for the future. However, on the practical level, Muslims in the West already
Finding answers to the question of how to live with unbelievers. Practically speaking, man
Of them, he almost does not choose to adopt or impose the expressions on his family
The sailors of fundamentalism, abstinence and misogyny, who are associated
to the Taliban But many choose to observe their religion when it comes to clothing practices
and nutrition, and this freedom is treated with respect in their environment. The fact that freedoms
Such exist will surely surprise fanatics in many Muslim countries.

In fact, creative ideas on how Muslims should live and think
Today may grow in Michigan or Marseille no less than in the states that were
Islam since time immemorial. It's a pity: ideas, including ideas how
To be a Muslim in a modern age, one should flow freely among the diaspora
the Muslim and her countries of origin. But too often regimes
authoritarians in the Muslim world - many of whom are justifiably unpopular,
Demonstrably failed and incompetent - they are not ready to tolerate arguments
and discussions on matters of religion and spirit. In fact they are unwilling to tolerate any discussion
some public

What can politicians in the West do to change this? Maybe not much
Directly. Nothing shall encourage a contrary purpose, or be portrayed as conduct
patronizing, more than the preaching of Western governments on the question of how it should be
the Muslim world to manage its affairs or interpret its religion. But the West
can, and it is reasonable and logical, to ask his Muslim allies to advance
A fairer view of the West than half-truths, lies and nonsense
The anti-Semitism which is a passing currency for the merchant in some Muslim countries - and sometimes
often found in textbooks, government newspapers and broadcasters' programs
The beneficiaries of official Gushpanka.

The knowledge that many Muslims live as satisfied citizens in Western countries,
may positively affect the heart of the Muslim world, including its parts
the most authoritarian. Of course, the adoption of the "Western" model of Islam
Pious but not fanatical in the hands of other Muslims will threaten interest groups
- for example men - have a special interest in preserving the old ways. but
The mere knowledge of the model's existence may draw out some of the venom in my relationship
Muslims with the West. This, after September 11, would be progress

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