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The astronaut's bride speaks to CNN

The bride of the Russian cosmonaut, Ekaterina Dmitriev: "The wedding had a non-traditional touch"

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On August 9, cosmonaut Yuri Melanchenko, a crew member on the International Space Station, married his bride, who was at the NASA Space Center, Houston. The bride, Ekaterina Dmitriev spoke to CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer about the wedding.

Ekaterina told Blitzer that Yuri and she didn't want to wait for the wedding because they were so in love. She said that the idea of ​​getting married via satellite came up because before, their relationship was unusual. From the first stage, the relationship was conducted by phone calls. ''We learned to know each other through words, not through a physical union or anything like that, but the good old way.
So for him, while up in space, marriage over the phone seemed natural. As for me, I received a bonus from NASA - they allowed us to see each other on a screen.''

Dmitriev says that the production of the ceremony, as in any wedding, was a big challenge: the coordination, the work and making sure that everything would go smoothly. "Luckily for us, everything went smoothly, really smoothly."
When asked if there were bridesmaids and groomsmen, she said yes. "It was a traditional wedding with a non-traditional touch."
She cut the bride and groom cake herself and danced the first dance with her father.

The couple will honeymoon in Australia and live in Moscow.
When Blitzer asked Dmitriev if she was excited about meeting her new husband, she replied: "I'm excited, ready for the meeting and the beginning of our life together, because that's what I really want right now."

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