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Beware of smallpox-carrying suicide bombers

The fear: they will try to spread in large crowds by sneezing or spitting

Alex Doron, Maariv

One day in March 1947, a businessman traveled by bus from Mexico to New York
And in his body a virus that was capable of killing more people than died in the "epidemic".
The Black" (Davar), in the Dark Ages in the 14th century in Europe,
and in World War II (20th century) as well. The identity of the man was assumed
Fall, so as not to provoke a "God-fear" in the civilized world.

When he arrived in New York he was admitted to a hospital because they immediately appeared on his face
Sores typical of smallpox patients. Then the hysteria broke out
the big one The New York authorities ordered 6 million to be vaccinated within a month
Humans - and the vigorous move prevented the outbreak of an epidemic. those concerned
Remember well that between 1900 and 1929, 1.25 million people were diagnosed with it in the US alone

The results of that vaccination operation also took a toll: two people died from infection
with the virus (the same businessman and another person) and six died from complications of the compound.
This obscure historical episode shows the problematic nature of the vaccination operation
Mass for smallpox - and especially for its side effects. they
also include death of vaccinees and brain damage.

Those who recognize this demand to adopt more effective, more goal-oriented methods
for the protection of large populations - if and when it turns out that terrorist organizations
Attention is being paid to smallpox viruses as a biological weapon.

The requirement is to take complete isolation procedures of people who came in contact,
Face to face with someone infected with the virus. will need to be held
"Circular vaccination" - that is, gradually, to create as many circular-vaccinated people as possible
around the virus and less mass vaccination.

The circular method was used in the 60s and 70s when the cases were discovered
The last ones in the USA and in 1975 in Bangladesh. There, a two-year-old girl was found
In a remote area on the island of Bhola. 200 epidemiologists were hurriedly flown in
The world is atonement. The girl and her family were placed in total isolation and confinement. 18 thousand
Anyone - only those who lived within a radius of 2 km from the village, received injections. every house
A radius of about 10 km was scanned and checked for "suspects". The recipe for action
This one worked. The virus, which cannot survive outside the human body - "imprisoned"
and its spread was halted. In 1977 there was a hospital massacre in Somalia - and he
It is documented that the last blue in the world that contracted smallpox (apart from two other cases
who were infected by a virus that "escaped" from an experimental laboratory).

In 1976, the elimination of the virus from the face of the globe was officially announced. samples
Frozen copies of it remain in laboratories in the US, Russia, and probably in Iraq
and North Korea. It is possible that unemployed scientists from the former Soviet Union took
Such samples were sold to the public only. This is the source of the fear that terrorist organizations will attack
They got their hands on the samples, to weaponize a biological weapon.

There is now also a fear of "suicides carrying biological explosives" -
"Bio-martyrs" - who will infect themselves with the virus, and cause the disease to spread.
In a wound (ulcer) inside the mouth of a patient, smallpox may "incubate"
Millions of viruses. Sneezing, spitting is enough - to spread them in a crowd -
For example, a plane, a bus. This is a fast way to spread the disease.

The smallpox disease (Variola) is considered, historically, as one
The terrible, the contagious, the deadly (about 30% of the patients died; about 80% remained
with deep scars) and the most frightening (in extreme cases - death
is within 48 hours) known to mankind.

It has been known for more than 3000 years. Its origin is in India or Egypt. the virus,
The causative agent of the disease was probably mutated from an ancient virus. In the 18th century every baby
A tenth in France and Sweden died of the disease; A third of the inhabitants of Europe in the same
period, they were blinded by it.

Among the famous who suffered from it - Pharaoh Rammes V, Queen Elizabeth of Britain
The first, Mary Queen of Scots, Henry V, Edward VI, William VI
3. Beethoven, Mozart, Casanova, Marcus Aurelius,
Russian Tsar Peter II, US President George Washington, Singman Re
President of South Korea, Jomo Kenyatta, Pocahontas, 2148673793

The virus enters through the respiratory tract or eyes, multiplies in the lymph nodes
And from there it breaks into the blood - and through it it reaches the internal organs, the mucous membranes
and to the skin. The damage to the skin in the form of blisters. The beginning of the disease with a bad feeling of
The victim, fever, weakness, headaches. Then the rash appears. complication
Possible: pneumonia or damage to the central nervous system. the vaccine
The first was created in the 18th century by Edward Jenner, when he took liquid from
Cowpox blisters and the injection to the child. The symptoms that appeared were mild
- However, in this action the child is immunized against smallpox, the disease
The more difficult of the two.

In 1994, the World Health Organization - which now warns against it - declared
that the disease was finally eradicated. Symbolically, research centers in Atlanta announced
and Moscow, for destroying the last samples of the virus that they kept
in freezing There is no guarantee that all the samples were eliminated. In the world, years have ceased since then
The 70th to vaccinate the entire population for the disease. Now there are researchers in the USA (also
in Israel) wondering if the virus was really talked about and if the vaccine was given in the past
Still effective.

If terrorists grew the virus in a secret laboratory, for a biological weapon,
And they will try to spread like the anthrax spores - mass vaccination will be necessary.

In four scientific centers, including the University of Maryland, starting this week
A study urgently commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, to
Find out if the diluted and stored ingredients from 25 years ago are still there

Those who are now opposed to the mass vaccination operation claim that there is a measure in the composition
Screening of risk: in a very extreme case it may cause a complication such as
Brain inflammation (encephalitis). Statistical figure: assuming that every 270 million
The Americans will be vaccinated in a mass operation - more than 500 of them may die
from the extreme complication.

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