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Proposal: Daylight saving time will be moved forward two hours

At 21:00 there will be light as at 19:00 * Interior Minister Forez suggests that the clock be moved forward one hour regularly throughout the year, and an additional hour in the summer; The activation of the initiative requires the approval of the Knesset; The advantages: reducing the number of traffic accidents and increasing work productivity

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The Minister of the Interior, Avraham Forez, is initiating a program according to which summer time will be moved forward two hours instead of only one hour as is customary today. The minister told "Yediot Ahronoth" yesterday: "We need summer time to work all year round, and in the summer we will even move it an hour further." That way we will have light until the evening hours, and people will be able to spend time outside their homes with their children even after they return from work. In any case, most of the public today starts work at 9:00 in the morning and finishes work later than before."

Advertisement In case the initiative is implemented, 5:00 will actually be 7:00 and at 21:00 there will be light as at 19:00. The activation of the initiative will require the approval of the Knesset and it will be able to enter into force only in the summer of 2004, because the dates of daylight saving time for 2003 have already been determined by law.

This year, summer time will last 189 days and will end at the beginning of October. An inspection was conducted by the Manufacturers' Association, from which it appears that daylight savings time saves the economy 70 million shekels each year. The Labor Productivity Institute also says that working in the cooler morning hours improves productivity. The Ministry of Transportation estimates that the fact that the public drives during daylight hours during daylight hours reduces the number of traffic accidents.

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