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An achievement for the Israeli delegation to the Asian Physics Olympiad

Achievement for the Israeli delegation to the Asian Physics Olympiad:
A gold medal, two silver medals, two bronze medals and three commendable grades

Avi Blizovsky

In the photo: from right to left - Anna Kesselman (Excellent Commendation, Commendation), Yevgeny Yosfovsky (Makif Ort Afridar Ronson Ashkelon, Commendation), Dmitri Pipeman, Amir Lex (Hebrew Real in Haifa, Commendation), Veronika Olichny, Ilya Gurvitz, Yaakov Neiman and Ruslan Barditsky.

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An impressive achievement for the Israeli delegation at the Asian Physics Olympiad held in Bangkok: one gold medal, two silver medals, two bronze medals and three commendable grades. The head of the delegation, Dr. Eli Raz, lecturer in physics at the Technion and head of the physics unit at "Ort Brauda" College in Karmiel, said that in fact each and every member of the delegation won a medal or a commendation. Israel has been participating in international competitions in physics since 1994, in the previous competitions Israel won a gold medal once (1999) and a silver medal three times (1995 and 1997).
The five medal winners represented Israel at the International Physics Olympiad, which is considered the most prestigious physics competition for youth and which is being held this year in July in Taiwan.
The winner of the gold medal is Jacob Neiman from the "Eshel Hanasi" school in the Negev. The silver medals were won by Ilya Gurevich from the "Amit" school in Be'er Sheva and Dimitri Pipeman from the "Shabah Moft" school in Tel Aviv. The bronze medals were won by Ruslan Berdichevsky from the Yohanna Jabotinsky school in Be'er Ya'akov and Veronika Olitsky from Shobach Moft in Tel Aviv. Veronika even won a special award as the outstanding daughter of the Olympics.
The Technion took on the management of the physics competitions project and the preparation of the Israeli team for the international Olympics. The national competitions in physics have seven selection stages, in the first stage 3325 students participated this year. The physics competitions foster scientific and original thinking and contribute to physical education in Israel. Dr. Eli Raz, who is at the head of the project, noted that the team of instructors in the project does its work out of recognition of the importance of this enterprise for scientific education in Israel. The team of instructors consists mostly of graduates of the International Olympiad who have in the meantime completed their academic studies in physics, among them Mr. Pavel Radzivilovsky who accompanied the delegation to Bangkok.
The Physics Competitions Enterprise is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Science and Technology Administration, the Technion and the Electric Company.

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