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The scientific monthly for youth "Rosh Gadol" is published in a special issue for the flight of the Israeli astronaut

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The science monthly for young people is published this month in an expanded festive issue in preparation for the flight of the first Israeli astronaut into space. Among the topics:
Landmarks in space exploration in Israel
Prof. Yuval Naaman talks about the revolutions in science (relativity and quantum) that guided modern science and the path Israel has taken since the establishment of the Israel Space Agency (1981), since the launch of the first Israeli satellite 'Ofek 1' on the Israeli rocket 'Shavit' until an Israeli flight into space as a member of the crew ferry. These achievements were acquired thanks to the emphasis placed on the human resource - education, research and evaluation.
· The Israeli Space Agency and the Columbia shuttle flight STS-107
Avi Har Even talks about the cooperation agreement with NASA that preceded the integration of Israeli pilots into the shuttle crew and the variety of experiments that will be conducted in the current research flight that Israel is participating in.
· Desert dust and 'elves' at the limit of the atmosphere
Prof. Yehoyachin Yosef and Dr. Yoav Yair from Tel Aviv University talk about the array of Israeli experiments that will be conducted on the shuttle: the study of desert dust and the collection of information on the phenomenon of unique electrical discharges that accompany lightning storms. Another experiment is the 'Chemical Garden' - the study of growing solids in space.
· Cameras in space
About the Israeli space camera manufacturer - Al-Op and how we see from hundreds of kilometers what others try to hide.
· Communication satellites
on the satellites orbiting together with the earth and allowing us a variety of modern communication services: television, telephones, data transfer and more. and on a daughter plant of the aerospace industry that produces the satellites and has its eyes on the microsatellites of the future.
· House on Mars
Prof. Peter Hillman talks about the possibility of life on Mars illustrated in a new exhibition at the Science Museum in Jerusalem.
· Extraterrestrials - between science and science fiction.
Shay Quas talks about the mutually inspiring relationship between fantasy and science.
· Haim where are you?
Dr. Etti Kochavi describes the conditions for life on planets in the universe.
· Paths of the planets - a journey along the axis of knowledge
Robert Bartz makes an introduction to the orbits of the planets - from the ancient conception of the universe that placed the earth at the center of the universe, through Copernicus who placed the sun in the center but left the circular orbits intact, to Kepler who discovered the ellipticity in the motion of the planets.
· The conquest of the moon - how man first set foot on the lunar soil and returned from there.
· Natan Zelds tells about computers in the body of robots that will be forced to think and decide on their own - about the variety of future roles that computers will play in space exploration.
· Dr. Tal Alexander shares with us his experiences tracking a star that orbited a black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy - the home address of our solar system.
· First in space - a trivia reminder for those who were the first in the landmarks of the human journey in space.
· In addition as usual, a variety of news, science entertainment, a home laboratory and more.

The monthly is published by the association 'Rosh Gedol for the Advancement of Knowledge and Scientific Education (AR)'
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Zohar Guri
System phone: 03-6771898 Website:

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