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The virtual room of the video conferences

A room between two continents. In North Carolina you can hear the traffic noise in downtown Frankfort.

RICK WHITING, InformationWeek

From the "Hidan" section of InformationWeek-Israel.

Will the phrase "you have to be there" become obsolete? at school
Duke University's Puka Business is taking the field of video conferencing
One step forward, using Internet technologies. 2 per month
The last, the school announced a "tele presence" system (TELE PRESENCE)
To survey the fastest connections between the school's campuses
in Durham, North Carolina and in Frankfurt, Germany. Duke created my room
Virtual conferences split between the two campuses.
"On both sides, the rooms were equipped with hidden video cameras and video screens
4 meters wide. The result is a lecture hall in Durham, the continuation of which is found
in Frankfurt, and vice versa," says Navin Potos, the vice dean for IT affairs
at University. "The sophisticated system provides life-size images
and allows people to make eye contact. The obscurity present in the other systems is not
found in this system," says Potos. "Sometimes they leave the window of
The room in Frankfurt is open and those sitting in the American part of the room hear the
The traffic noise of the center of Frankfurt. It's something not normal."
Internet 2 is a consortium of 190 universities, working together with
The private sector and government organizations to leverage communication technologies
In order to create the next generation of web applications. Internet 2 is working
3 times faster than today's fast internet. the system of
Fuka uses two 2.5 Gbps connections in use
In the American Internet 2, in the DFN (the German equivalent) and in the research system
The European GEANT Nortel Networks is one of the suppliers involved in the project.

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