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In 2100 there will be fewer people in the world

Research states: within 70 years the number of people in the world will reach a peak of 9
billion, and will then begin to decline; There will be more elderly people on Earth
and less whites; The researchers: the conclusions are encouraging; Let us not be alone
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The number of people living on Earth will reach 70 during the year
which are close to their peak, after which the population growth will stop and it will start
down. This is what expert experts state in a study published in the magazine "Nature".

The researchers believe that by the year 2070 the number of people will increase
From 6 billion today to a peak of 9 billion, after which it will gradually decrease
Around 8.4 billion at the end of the century - one billion less than forecasts
The UN so far. The researcher Valpagang Lutz from the International Institute of Surgery
Useful Systems in Lexenburg, Austria, who headed the study, claims that
The forecasts will encourage those concerned about the food supply and human impact
on the environment.

The conclusions are based on predictions of several variables, among them a decrease
The fertility in the population and the increase in life expectancy. The scientists predict that
Life expectancy will increase in all regions of the world except in Africa, where there is a disease
AIDS is expected to be reduced at the beginning of the century. "The UN estimated that the rates
Fertility will be fixed at two children per mother," claims Lutz, "however in most cases
The countries where the number of inhabitants decreases, the birth rate will decrease even further
for that".

The researchers estimate that during the century there will also be a change in the structure of society.
Globally, the proportion of the adult population over the age of 60 is expected in
2050 to make up 22 percent of the population, double the percentage of the elderly
in the population today, which stands at ten percent. By the end of the century will stand
The proportion of the elderly in the population is 34 percent, and the phenomenon will manifest itself in all
regions of the earth.

The study also shows that there is a high probability that the population of the part
Russia's Europeanization had already reached its peak in 2000. On the other hand,
In other parts of the world the picture will be different. Northern population
Africa and the regions south of the Sahara desert is expected to double
The following decades, even if we take into account the mortality due to disease

"The world is becoming less European, less white and less North American",
Agrees with the results of the study John Bongratz, from the research institute "Council
The population" in New York. According to him, "the voice of the southern countries will increase,
Because they represented larger parts of humanity."

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