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Earth is in crisis; Not enough is done before it is too late

Bob Herbert

One day, most likely after some disaster where hundreds will be killed
People, let's start taking global warming seriously. one to several
For months we receive a frightening update on the phenomenon and the feeling arises
that "well, we really need to do something about it". But the interest is fading
Soon we turn our attention back to "who wants to be".
millionaire" or something similar. There is always something more urgent than warming up

Last week's update was the scariest yet. The last estimate
of the "intergovernmental team to examine climate change" determines not only
Human activity contributes significantly to global warming, but
that the warming in the current century may be much more severe than estimated
So far.

A summary of the team's findings was shared with governments around the world last week.
The team, established by the UN to evaluate the findings of the updated study
Most on the topic of global warming, believes that the average temperature in the world
In the current century, it will rise between 3 and 11 degrees. This is an increase
tremendous A warming of 3 degrees over a century will probably happen
The fastest warming in the history of civilizations. if she
Get closer to 11 degrees - a waste of time. Scientists don't even have enough data
theoretical to help humans begin to grasp the meaning of
A change on such a scale. An average rise of 11 degrees will raise the
The temperature on Earth to the height it was in the time of the dinosaurs.

Is anyone even listening? This is not a disaster that is about to happen. He already is
in the midst of The decade of the 90s was probably the warmest in the millennium
The latter, and it is estimated that 1998 was even warmer due to the Al phenomenon
Niño - was the hottest year ever recorded. oceans
rising, shrinking mountain glaciers, drifting coastal areas and the cycle of seasons

There could have been great benefit in raising the issue for thorough discussion by me
the presidential candidates, to enlighten the public's eyes and arouse enthusiasm
to help look for potential solutions. But this did not happen.

Vice President Al Gore is already advocating aggressive treatment of warming
The global that was at the center of his book "Earth in the Balance" recently
He described the warming as a "moral problem". Gore helped negotiate
The Kyoto Protocol, a convention aimed at reducing the emission of carbon dioxide
The carbon and other gases that contribute to warming. The protocol was signed by more
from 150 countries, but it has not yet been approved by the US or a country
other industrialized. Gore conducted several awareness campaigns on the subject and suggested establishing a fund
Environmental loyalty, which among other things will provide incentives for technology development
News in order to reduce the emission of dangerous gases.

George W. Bush showed an ambiguous attitude to the issue of warming. he
Admit it's a problem. But in the second televised confrontation with Gore he said: "Me
I don't think we already know the solution to global warming and I don't
I think we have collected all the facts so that we can make decisions."

Bush opposes the Kyoto Protocol, which he says is "not fair to the US".
Nevertheless, he put forward a proposal that would require a reduction of all polluting substances
The emissions from power plants to produce electricity, a reduction in the eyes of scientists and activists
Protecting the environment will be an important step in the fight against global warming.

Whoever will be the candidate who will be elected president, he will have to deal with
The subject in a real way and quickly. Global warming is not a fantasy.
This is an accelerating crisis that threatens the young American generation and the people of the world
All of it.
{Appeared in Haaretz newspaper, 1/11/2000{

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