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Intel helped train 5,000 teachers to use computing

Avi Blizovsky

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These days, the annual training of 5,000 teachers for the effective use of computing and technology for the purpose of promoting learning in schools has been completed. This training was given as part of the "Intel Teach to The Future®" program - which is a worldwide initiative of the Intel company that also takes place in Israel in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and carried out by the Academic College of Education "Ahava".

So far, about 7,000 teachers have been trained in the "Intel Education for the Future" program, who have given positive feedback on the program's contribution to the teaching process and their personal empowerment.
In 2001, about 2,000 teachers were trained; In 2002, 5,000 teachers were trained, and the plan for 2003 is to train about 6,000 more teachers. The global program, which began in 2000, encompasses more than 26 countries and trains hundreds of thousands of teachers.
In Israel, the program began operating in 2001 and is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with the teachers' center of the "Ahava" academic college. The following also took part in the operation of the program: Gordon College of Education, the AML network, the director of settlement education, and the Jerusalem supervisors.

The Knowledge website hereby offers its help to those teachers. This site is intended for any educated person who wishes to expand his horizons with interesting and essential knowledge, and in particular for the education system and is recommended by all the educational sites in Israel.

And in the meantime, Intel announced the establishment of a dedicated investment fund in high-speed wireless technologies. The new fund will invest $150 million in companies operating in the high-speed WI-FI connection standard, which connects laptops and stationary computers as well as electronic aids to high-speed computer networks. The investment manager of Intel Capital in Israel, Shlomo Kane, estimated that about ten percent of the fund's investments will be directed to Israeli companies, and that by the end of 2002 at least one investment deal in an Israeli company in this field will be completed.

According to Kane, despite the development of the Banias processor in Israel, which has WI-FI capabilities, the entrepreneurs in Israel are still not aware of these wireless standards. . "There are only about ten start-up companies operating in the field, and we are constantly looking for additional investments in these fields in Israel. To date we have not invested in Israeli companies in this field, even though Intel has already invested 25 million dollars in 10 companies in this field in the world."

According to Kane, the fund is in advanced talks with several Israeli companies to invest in. Following the decision to establish the dedicated fund, Intel Capital Global Vice President Claude Leglis, who visited Israel in October, held several meetings with Israeli venture capital funds in order to convince them to make investments with Intel in the field of WI-FI. So far, four Israeli funds have replied to Intel that they are looking for investments in the field.

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